All Shall Perish singer’s newborn baby needed surgery

Posted by on November 20, 2015

News of a reunited All Shall Perish came out last month. While that’s plenty exciting, founding vocalist Craig Betit has some very serious matters on his hands. He just had a baby about a week ago, and his little girl required extensive surgery for “vascular abnormalities,” and she to be relocated to a hospital 150 miles from home.

The band has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help their brother in arms:

“Hey guys. We just received some really sad news. Our brother Craig Betit welcomed his baby girl, Harper, to the world on November 15th. Unfortunately due to a few abnormalities she is going to need to spend some time in the children’s hospital, which is 150 miles from home. This will undoubtedly result in lost wages, so that Craig and Megyn can spend as much time with their baby girl as possible. If you’re able to spare it, check out their gofundme page to help offset some of those costs. Thanks ASP family!”

Thankfully the surgery was successful, and Betit and his family should be back home in Vermont in two days with over $2,500 that was raised in just 24 hours.

(via Loudwire)


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