All members of Decapitated released from jail, trial pushed to January

Posted by on December 13, 2017

According to the Spokesman-Review, all four members of Decapitated have been released from jail while they await trial of their accusations facing rape and kidnapping charges. Despite the bail being set for $100,000 for each member, they were released on their own recognizance. They are still a long way from home since Judge Julie McKay ordered them to remain in the state of Washington and are not allowed to communicate with each other without their attorneys present.

Their trial was originally pushed to December 18th,and now the date is set for January 16th, 2018. Attorneys including Steve Graham, the defense attorney for Waclaw Kieltyka filed for their release along with an attached letter written by politician Dominik Tarczynski, a member of Poland’s Parliament who defended the group with a note signed on Dec.9th stating:

“I am writing in support of my fellow countrymen. I would like to urge you to consider release of these men on bail until their charges can be resolved.”

Additionally, Tarczynski assured the judge that all members will appear at their required court dates. He continued to express saying how the band takes this matter very seriously:

“I have great interest in their well-being, and hope their condition is well at this time.”

In addition to their defense report, they received a testimony from Thy Art is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh, who was on tour supporting the group on the night of the incident that allegedly took place on August 31st in Spokane. He admitted to recognizing the woman moshing and violently dancing in the front of the stage during their set:

“She was smashing her hands, arms, and body against the metal barricade between the audience and the stage.”

For those who go to shows regularly, would know that smashing your body against the barricade would inevitably leave a few marks. The same woman informed the police that she sustained bruises when she was attacked claiming she was pushed against the wall and mirror with her arms and hands while being raped.

The Polish death metal act continued to express their innocence, which was also included in their last public statement on October 13th. Vocalist Piotrowski and guitarist Kieltyka are both facing first-degree kidnapping/second-degree rape charges while bassist Wiecek and drummer Lysejko are faced with first-degree kidnapping/third-degree rape charges. It is important to refrain judgements at this time on both sides until proven innocent or guilty.



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