Aerosmith have considered touring without Steven Tyler

Posted by on May 17, 2016

aerosmithFor the past few years. Aerosmith haven’t been doing all that much. Sure, the occasional tour here and there, but it doesn’t seem like the band’s getting along with each other that much, what with Joe Perry hip-checking Steven Tyler offstage and there being quite a bit of infighting amongst the band while Tyler has been working on his country solo album. Guitarist Brad Whitford has been pretty vocal about how the rest of the band feels, stating that it seemed like he abandoned them. Whitford has been using his time off from Aerosmith working on his second album with the Ted Nugent band’s Derek St. Holmes as Whitford St. Holmes coming out (the first was in 1981). In a recent interview with metal-rules, Whitford says that reuniting with St. Holmes has been “like going on a vacation” compared to Aerosmith. The two had previously had a long distance partnership, but they wound up living a few miles from each other and started jamming again.


When asked whether Aerosmith would be writing another album, Whitford wasn’t totally sure. He said he knew that Joe Perry had written some stuff, but wasn’t sure whether an actual CD would come together. Their last one, 2012’s Music From Another Dimension, was a critical and commercial flop, and was their first album of original music since 2001.  And with Tyler still working on his country album and dumb Skittles commercials, Whitford was asked if the band would ever consider doing a tour without their frontman and recruiting others to fill in, much like AC/DC did. His response:

Absolutely, we have considered it but whether it will happen I don’t know. I think it would be great.

He even suggested Axl Rose as their replacement, as well as Myles Kennedy. He admits that the band “gets caught up in a lot of silly stuff.” Maybe one  silly thing would be doing an interview when talking about getting a replacement singer. Then again, Tyler has been working on his solo album for well over a year, and there’s no release date yet, so who knows if and when it’ll come out.

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