Photo Credit: Andrew Fiero


Aaron Lewis of Staind is ready to release Frayed at both Ends in January on Big Machine Records. Check out the stream of “Goodbye Town” below.

Here is what Lewis had to say,

“There’s so much great music in Nashville, which I think everybody knows. But until you really live here, get to know people, you don’t realize how deep it runs,” Lewis says of the dozen songs on his upcoming record. “It’s inspiring to be around people who are drawn to that same hard kind of country, the stuff that digs down and looks at life with some of the paint knocked off it.

This is an album of saying things that need to be said about how people actually live,” Lewis explains. “Life isn’t easy. Most people drink to forget, or drive for hours trying to get away from what they can’t let go of or leave behind. Work takes it out of you. Love falls short or destroys you. Disappointments stack up. But still you have to keep going — and how you do that says everything about the man that you are.

I’ve never wanted to be the face of a song, or a time,” Lewis offers. “I’m a lucky man. I survived my first record deal, and I can make music on my terms. One of those terms is singing for other people, the things they need to say or the heroism they’ve lived and no one ever really noticed. If I can put the light in those places, then the music is doing its best work.

I didn’t have a master plan, just these songs that I’d been writing with friends. I’d never really co-written in all my years of being an artist. Sometimes writing with somebody else dials you even more into yourself, or more the reality that’s all of us. And with the world being such a mess, I figured ‘frayed at both ends’ sounds about right. No matter who you are or what you believe, I think we all feel like the knot’s coming undone.”


Track List:

01) Again (Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, David Lee Murphy)
02) Goodbye Town (Aaron Lewis, Randy Montana)
03) Everybody Talks To God (Craig Monday, Chris Wallin)
04) Am I The Only One (Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele)
05) Kill Me Like You Love Me (Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Dan Tyminiski, Chris Wallin)
06) Pull Me Under (Aaron Lewis)
07) Life Behind Bars (Aaron Lewis, Josh Hogue, Matt McGinn)
08) Waiting There For Me (Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Dan Tyminiski, Chris Wallin)
09) They Call Me Doc (featuring CreatiVets, Vince Gill, Dan Tyminiski) (Shaun Bott, Richard Casper, Brian Carper, Jourdan Walker, Johnny McGuire)
10) Get What You Get (Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Dan Tyminiski)
11) Sticks And Stones (Aaron Lewis, Paul Barber, Matt McGinn)
12) One In The Same (Aaron Lewis, Trent Tomlinson)
13) Someone (Aaron Lewis, Paul Barber, Matt McGinn)