If you are thinking of switching from smoking to vaping it is a sensible decision. Vaping is far safer thanks to their being no burning involved and it’s popular with users of cannabis in dry or concentrate form. People also smoke e-liquids and CBD products, which are also very popular. The market has grown fast and that means that there can be some confusion over the jargon involved, and that’s what we are here to help you with. We want to talk about the dab pen: what is it, and why is it one of the most mentioned products in vaping?

A dab pen – also confusingly known as a wax pen – is a vaping device designed for vaping wax concentrate of cannabis or other substances. Dab is the popular term for these wax concentrates. This is an efficient method of enjoying cannabis. It should be noted that the term ‘pen’ is now used for devices of various shapes and came about as early dab pens were in fact pen shaped. Let’s at how a dab pen works. 


What’s Inside a Dab Pen?

There are many different type of dab pens and wax pens but essentially, they all work the same way. You’ll find a dab pen has a hard outer casing usually in metal. On this casing will be buttons for selecting the various controls plus perhaps an LED operating light and sometimes a readout screen. Attached to the device will be a removable mouthpiece and removable reservoir. The latter is the compartment in which you put the dab you want to vape. What happens inside? These devices are actually quite simple. What you have is the electronics to operate the pen, plus a tiny battery that is rechargeable by USB. One charge should get you a few days of use for an occasional user. Also, inside is a coil which is powered by the battery. The coil heats to the point where the dab is vaporized, at which point the user inhales the vape cloud. That is a simple form of dab pen, but we also want to talk about those with variable voltage and why you might want to consider one. 


Variable Voltage Dab Pens

It’s no surprise that vaping cannabis is becoming the most popular method as it is by far the most convenient. So, why would you need a variable voltage dab pen? The voltage influences the heat at which the concentrate is vaporized. In early vape pens this was a fixed voltage. However, manufacturers soon recognized a need for variable heat settings so that users could find the one they prefer. Different heat levels mean different flavours and also a harsher or smoother hit. This means that a user without a temperature control is limited to a compromised vape setting. The pens that do have different levels usually come with three or four choices in small increments allowing the user to find the setting that gives them the most pleasurable results. The setting is usually changed by pressing a button a number of times until the right level is selected. 

Final Word

The US states in which cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized offer a safer environment for enjoying cannabis than we have ever seen. The guarantee of quality product from licensed growers and suppliers is also a welcome change from having to take what your deal had in stock. Now you can buy various types and strains of cannabis in concentrate form and enjoy different tastes with your vape pen. Talk to a reputable retailer about the best dab pen for you and you’ll soon see the difference.




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