Useful Tips to Sell More Event Tickets

Posted by on August 12, 2021


Selling tickets for an event is a vital part of management. Your ability to compel potential buyers and sell more tickets determines your skill as an event manager. Attracting investors and managing an event is way easier than driving sales and bringing success to the event, which most managers agree with. Here are some useful tips to sell more tickets, earn more money, and make the event a success.

01) Take it to Social Media

Social media can help you sell your tickets within a few seconds provided you use the platforms in the most effective way. Create content related to the event and compel your followers into buying the tickets by placing a CTA (call to action) feature in your bio. You can also add a link to your Instagram stories if you have more than 10,000 followers or collaborate with other content creators to cross-promote your event. To increase your chance of gaining visibility, try to generate more interaction among your followers by encouraging them to comment, share, and like your posts.

02) Hold a Contest

Another way of using popular social media channels is by redirecting your followers to your website by holding contests. Social media contests are one of the most effective ways to create engagement. Post a story or an image related to the event and ask your followers to tag interested candidates. In turn, a lucky winner can get free tickets to the event and bring their friends along. While you may have to sacrifice a few tickets for free, the increased reach and visibility can help you gain more followers and buyers.

03) Offer Discounts and Promotional Coupons

Group discounts and early-bird discounts are quite common today as these offers help sell a huge chunk of tickets at the opening stage. Buyers can benefit from a huge discount while getting the opportunity to spend a fun evening with their loved ones. Sites similar to Seatgeek offer multiple event options for people with different tastes. Look for a Seatgeek promo code on a credible and official coupon code website. These sites also let you compare your options and provide the best deal among all. Group discounts are the best way to attract more buyers as people buy tickets in huge chunks, which also helps them save money. 

04) Resort to Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity marketing is a new tactic in the world of advertising and promotions. This strategy is based on the concept of fear-mongering by offering fewer products and services than the actual demand. Basically, the supply is much less as compared to the demand. The fear of missing out and being a part of a mega event calls out to people who instantly look to buy the scarce products or services without giving it a second thought. Many big brands and car companies use scarcity marketing to attract a niche audience and instigate them to buy the concerned product by inducing the fear of being sold out.

05) Sell it Through a Website and App

With the rising digital age, most individuals prefer to shop most of their products and services online. Instead of going the conventional way and selling your tickets through in-person booths, promote and sell the entry to your event online. If possible, design and launch an app dedicated to your business and event that will provide access to interested buyers with special discounts. You can also attract users by giving them the option to choose their preferred seats. This will not only help sell your tickets at a faster pace but also increase website traffic.

06) Offer Last-Minute Deals

Last-minute deals are quite tempting and often encourage people to buy the product or service. The same applies to your event tickets. This tactic resembles the scarcity marketing strategy but offers multiple products within a lower price range. If they see the tag ‘Sold Out’ or ‘Last few left’, potential buyers will immediately make up their minds to buy the product. A ‘Buy one, Get one free’ deal also tempts people with poor decision-making skills and compels them to pay for the tickets. When it comes to last-minute offers, do not literally wait until the very last day but provide a gap of at least the last three days for customers to arrive at a decision.



Whether you are hosting a talk show or are in charge of selling tickets for your friend’s concert, these simple strategies can accelerate the selling process and make the event more successful. Over time, you will also turn into a more successful marketer and salesperson with excellent event management skills. Furthermore, you can also use the data collected through the process to examine the type of audience that is potentially interested in your event.



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