Top 6 best rock albums to own on vinyl

Posted by on April 1, 2021


The pandemic kinda wants us to scream at the top of our lungs and bang our head to good rock and roll music just to feel more alive. You might as well level up the experience by listening to the greatest rock albums on custom vinyl records. Nowadays, you can find so many awesome vinyl records released even by the newest bands because customized vinyl record pressing for rock bands is now more affordable than ever.

If you’re planning to buy some, here are some of our top picks for rock albums on vinyl:



If you haven’t heard yet, AC/DC or colloquially called in Australia as “Acca Dacca”, came back last November 13, 2020. After a 6-year hiatus the rock and roll band released their seventeenth studio album, Power Up. The album was said to have been dedicated to the band’s co-founder Malcolm Young who died of lung cancer last 2017. What makes it cool is that it has a gatefold jacket, printed vinyl record sleeves, and one yellowish gold custom vinyl record. 


#2 Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

Even to this day Pink Floyd’s worldwide renowned best selling album The Dark Side of the Moon is still as influential and unbeatable as ever, aesthetically and musically. With many rock bands attracting popularity and fame, no band has surpassed it as the 3rd best selling album worldwide with its 45 million copies sold all around the world. But did you know that even before the album was released in 1973, the album was already played to fans in concerts for more than a year. What makes this album aesthetically pleasing to the eyes is its well known album jacket artwork with a stream of white light passing through the triangular prism resulting in a band of rainbow.


#3 Cibo Matto – Hotel Valentine


Cibo Matto is quite a peculiar band don’t you guys think? It is an American band with Japanese founders, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, and an Italian band name which means “crazy food” in english. The band’s last studio album, Hotel Valentine, was released on Valentine’s Day of 2014. The vinyl record format of the album is a very eye-catching one with the album’s minimal artwork and clear custom vinyl record with a spill-like opaque white design.


#4 The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground and Nico

Before the rock band was ever formed into a rock band, founders John Cale and Lou Reed were classical music students. Yes, your beloved rock band was based off of the mellow and sophisticated classical music. It was also called an experimental rock and roll band due to its classical roots. Last 2017, the band released a reissue of their debut album The Velvet Underground and Nico in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. What’s funny about this album is that the album cover has a banana skin sticker that reveals a pinkish banana that matches the limited pink custom vinyl record.


#5 Nirvana – Bleach


Nirvana came to be the band’s name due to its frontman, Cobain’s, preference for seemingly opposite concepts going well together. Just like how the band is well known for its fusion of pop melodies and noise in their songs. In 1989, they released their debut album Bleach that had already gone through two reissue releases. The latest one was released in 2020 for their 20th Anniversary. The 2020 reissue has a mixture of the black and white and negative color effect along with the half white, half black custom vinyl record. Once again, Nirvana proved that “opposites do attract” or rather, “opposites do go well together.


#6 Radiohead – OK Computer

Radiohead’s experimental approach on their songs helped them pile up their discography with tracks that pushed the advancements of alternative rock. Their third studio album, OK Computer, was released in 1997 which brought them their international fame. The album was reissued and released last 2017 with three blue custom vinyls, each having a different printed vinyl record sleeve and one tri-fold album jacket that mainly revolved around white and blue colors.

Which of these records would you like to add to your collection?




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