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There was a time when smoking was seen as something rebellious and cool. The habit appealed to people that wanted a classy and unconventional look. The traditional cigarette was an essential part of the image of musicians like Bob Dylan, Axl Rose, and Keith Richards. This influenced teens to smoke, just like their favorite musicians or idols. 

The trend is now changing as more musicians have switched from smoking to vaping. It’s not surprising that vaping is becoming a popular trend, which can partly be attributed to the fact that most people follow current trends. Fans tend to follow the trends they see from their beloved famous icons. 

The popularity of habits like smoking and vaping trends spreads faster when taken up by musicians. That’s because these celebrities influence many people to do what they do. Some people use vape mod kits when they see their favorite artists use them in their latest music videos. They consider the act a fashionable trend. 

Musicians Who Quit Smoking and Started to Vape

The list of musicians that have quit smoking and started to vape is long. And it’s always growing. Here are some of the musicians that no longer smoke but vape. 

  • Ronnie Wood
  • Courtney Love 
  • Dave Navarro 
  • Chuck Billy
  • Johnny Depp

Many rock musicians smoked traditional cigarettes in the 1970s and 80s. However, the majority of these celebrities have since started using devices like a vape box mod. Musicians like Navarro are more of vaping champions than just vapers. That’s because they always appear in the media talking about the benefits of vaping as compared to smoking. 

With research showing that e-cigarettes are potentially less harmful than smoking, more musicians should consider making a switch. Some musicians have claimed that switching from smoking to vaping saved their lives. Bands such as the Foo Fighters have declared their love for vaping overtly.

Using the best vape mod may not carry similar health risks with smoking. This should influence more musicians to make a switch, and you can check out the vape mods guide. Additionally, smoking is restricted in most public places. This should also compel them to switch to vaping because it’s not cool to spend time outside the venue smoking as fans wait for a band to perform.

Many musicians that smoke can’t perform without getting a dose of nicotine. Keith Richards is an example. It has been reported that this committed smoker had to obtain an exemption from different international regulations to allow him to continue smoking even on stage. The use of the best vape mods has enabled some musicians to take a pragmatic approach to the smoking ban in public places. It has helped them enjoy a sensation similar to that of smoking without facing legal issues. 

As the use of mod vape becomes increasingly popular, the music scene is witnessing the development of a new culture. Some musicians are switching from smoking to vaping and monetizing their association with the habit. This is a trend that is reinventing itself with time, finding new directions and trends. For instance, some musicians are asking their fans to buy specific e-liquid brands as a requirement for downloading their music free of charge. 

Other musicians are developing their e-liquid flavors and vape mods. The fact that these celebrities are the icons of some people can influence them to switch from smoking to vaping. As more musicians switch from smoking to vaping, only time will tell how the music and vaping scenes will grow together. 

Another reason why musicians should make a switch is the dangers of smoking. Research has shown that almost 500,000 deaths occur every year in the U.S due to tobacco-related diseases. These estimates are likely to hit the 8 million mark in the next decade unless something is done to curb smoking. 

Some of the diseases caused by tobacco smoking include cardiovascular disease, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and emphysema. When a musician switches from smoking to vaping, they avoid these diseases. They can also influence their fans to stop smoking and prevent these illnesses too. 


Influence of Smoking on Music 

Smoking influences the creations of musicians, which is why a modern musician would appear in a video with a vape mod instead of a cigarette. In the past, smoking was part of popular music’s iconography. Cigarettes were featured in the lyrics of some songs. Musicians were featured in music videos with cigarettes in their mouths. Others performed in smoke-filled venues and clubs. 

But, since the ban on smoking in public places, music has also changed. That’s because music is, to a larger extent, a reflection of society. Therefore, musicians have to compose and produce music that reflects well on the society. Most modern parents and fans are also outraged by music that features smoking. That’s because they see it as promoting this had, which is bad for human health. 

Consequently, a musician that used to smoke can now be seen with the most expensive vape mod instead of a traditional cigarette in a music video. And because music has a way of influencing the vision that fans have of the world, more people are switching from smoking to vaping. It’s now easy to notice a decline in smoking popularity and an increase in vaping popularity in music videos. 


The Bottom Line 

Musicians should switch from smoking to vaping for the sake of their wellbeing and that of society. Research has shown that smoking in music videos is a way of promoting the habit. It influences the adoption of smoking, thereby leading to tobacco addiction behaviors and patterns. What’s more, the music reflects society. More people are switching from smoking to using box mode vape and other vaping devices. Consequently, musicians should switch to reflect the realities of modern society. 

But, music is ultimately not responsible for promoting pro-health ideas. It should reflect creativity because music is also an art. Therefore, whether a musician opts to start using a vape box mod kit or not is their choice. And using such a device or singing about vaping or smoking doesn’t mean a musician necessarily endorses them. 


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