Interesting Research about Heavy Metal Music Impact on Students Performance

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Heavy metal music has been long seen as a genre associated with ideas of violence, suicide and death and even mass shootings. Recent research shows that heavy metal music can have positive effects as well, with the genre being a source of catharsis and even motivation. So, can metal music be useful in boosting the academic performance of students? This article is all about answering this question.

Change in Outlook through Metal Music

Heavy Metal Music came at an age where people developed a negative attitude towards the systems of the world and started having outlooks opposite to those that divide different behaviors into the categories of good and bad. This retaliation against norms and beliefs, along with the coarseness of the music, make metal music a genre not appreciated by everyone. Those that listen to this music are seen as people spiraling into chaos. But research considers how this outlook changing genre could lead to new ideas in terms of logical reasoning and even scientific thinking, bringing new ideas to compete with the existing ones. 

A Cathartic Genre 

There’s always a lot of pent up stress and frustration among students. Metal music, with its loud music and distinct sound, helps people relieve themselves of frustration. As students, stress and anxiety can come from a variety of sources, be it a big bunch of notes gathered in the last class or the huge number of assignments to finish in the next two days. Not only that, we all struggle with our personal lives, with heartbreaks and unrequited love, bad decisions and an almost empty bank account. There are options in the form of EduBirdie though, a renowned term paper writing service that can help with academic assignments at affordable prices. Also when you fail to write essays while studying something more important, you can take help from this academic writing service. Metal music can help channelize the anger and frustration that might be build up inside. While meditation works for some, metal music works for others. 



Metal Music Can Pump You Up

Studying can get boring and tiring. But metal music can help bring back energy in your mind and body to get back to your chair and start studying again. Metal music includes many distinct and sharp notes, something your brain picks up as an alerting signal. As your brain focuses on these notes, it’s pumped up and more vigil, thus taking in every piece of information it is fed with more interest than it did before. Consider this as a brain exercise or even a shot of caffeine, waking your brain up from its nap and pushing it to learn the information it is being fed. So if you’re a student wanting to wake up early and sitting down to study, try listening to Guns and Roses in the morning and you’ll see yourself sitting down with enthusiasm you’ve never even imagined!

Improvement in Cognitive Functioning

Talking about brain exercise, metal music and its rhythmic music can help exercise those brain muscles that are constantly tracking every beat and note in the song, which is quite a rigorous exercise for your brain when it’s listening to heavy metal music. Research shows that students who listen to heavy metal music end up developing better focus, faster reaction times, and greater memory power. Metal music can further motivate students to work on exercising the brain constantly, thereby improving the effect it has on their academic performance and physical health.

Memorizing With Music

Metal music cannot directly help you with greater memory power, but it can be a medium to remember more effectively. How? When it comes to memorizing, one of the most efficient ways is music. You can fit a sheet of notes or a definition into a rhythm that exists and sing it back to yourself whenever you need it. We all remember the rhythms of songs, don’t we? So why not use it to memorize the most boring of concepts? Metal music can help you remember these concepts by embedding them into the songs. Another way is to learn a concept while listening to a song. This way, if you remember the song, you can remember the concept as your brain had made an association between the two when you were studying before.

Visualizing Pictures

Metal music can help you visualize and while this may not help in every subject, you can listen to a song and imagine a scene that includes the concept. This can be used for pictorial representations in your book. Embed them in your brain along with your songs and you’ll be able to retrieve the image when you listen to the music. While this may not work for everyone and might be a cause of distraction to many, you can try and see if this method can work for you. Do not go to an exam with blind faith, as it might not work for you. 


Metal music may not be as bad and negative as it has been termed for all this while. It can be of huge benefit to students while dealing with stress, emotions and demotivation and even provide some innovative ways of memorizing. So try it out and see if it works for you. 

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