How to Organize a Successful Online Event

Posted by on November 30, 2020


Online platforms such as Vimeo, CrowdCast, YouTube, YouNow, Facebook, among others have come in handy when organizing virtual events. But, they need exceptional creativity to make the event fun and entertaining. Covid-19 pandemic has tested businesses and performers to the core.

And, virtual events have become a go-to tool for many. The rule of the thumb has always been to adapt or go home. Virtual events have provided a new way for businesses and event organizers to engage and interact with the viewers. To make the event impactful, certain tips promise to work the trick. We’ve curated some tips that will leave people talking about your event for months on end.

Have a Strategy

Generally, meticulous planning goes into making events success- not just virtual events. And, considering the event will be online, you need to make sure all runs smoothly without a glitch. You don’t want people tuning out midway. 

First, you have to understand the audience and the things that might interest them. Then, you need to curate the event as per those interests. Secondly, structure the events to inform the audience of the options they should opt for. Some of the options available include hybrid events, webinars, webchat series, or conferences. To aid you further, address the following questions: 

  • Is it an on-demand event or a live event?
  • Is it free or some registration fee is required?
  • Do sponsors need to be on board? 
  • What will be the event’s key performance index (KPI)? 
  • Do you need to collect some data from the virtual event?

Make the Right Partnership

A lot goes into making a virtual event successful. And one of the most critical aspects is the platform you choose. Be sure to choose one that fits your brand. Organizing your traditional wedding at a club wouldn’t be so wise. Similarly, find a partner that fits the goals and visions of your event. Get some clarity on: 

  • Do you need social media integration?
  • Does the platform have the technology to distribute across multiple platforms?
  • Is it global or local?

Once these questions become clear then planning and choosing the platform becomes easier. 


Timing Is Important

When we talk about timing we don’t just mean the running time of the event but also the date and time planning before the event. First, make sure your event is not clashing with major events or a holiday. And, if it’s a global event, consider the time zones. Secondly, consider how and when you roll out the tickets. You might want to sell your event tickets online through a reputable avenue and allow enough time for people to plan for it. Also, make sure to have the event timed in a convenient time-space, and if international, tweak some elements to make it unique to different countries. 


Promotion Matters

You want it big and impactful- budget for promotions. By making the event virtual, you’re already saving some dollars so go big on promotions. Promotion is vital. Anyway, your ROI is significantly higher than the in-person events. Essentially, people will know about what you’re organizing if you talk about it. There may be many organizers or companies holding similar events. So, only a great advertising strategy will make your event stand out and potentially attract more attendants. How to go about your promotion:

  • Optimize SEO by utilizing keywords
  • Use top talent for your promotions
  • Post on popular event pages and sites
  • Have some eye-catching creative works


Initiate Interactions with the Participants




The days of the passive audience are long gone. People want to engage with your brand. It’s a two-way traffic now- initiate the conversation. Not much will work out until people are hooked. Be sure to involve your potential attendees in puzzles, giveaways, polls, or even surveys. Allow them to ask questions during the webinars and let them be heard. Also, a chat room goes a long way in enhancing interactions.


Get Sponsors

While the audience is the soul of any event, a backbone is needed. And, sponsors offer this backbone needed to run the show. You’ll attract great sponsors especially if your goals and aspirations are in sync with theirs. Having sponsors offers the much-needed leverage to cast your net wider.


Use the Right Tech

Remember, not every platform is suitable for everyone. So, choose one that connects with your target audience. For instance, what Gen X likes might not be apt for millennials. Gen X likes a platform that is quick and easy, unlike a mature audience that prioritizes security over convenience. 

Digital space is evolving, and it’s shaping the events landscape. And, creative and daring people will reap the high ROI that comes with hosting virtual events. Be sure to use these tips to help you organize a memorable event. 



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