How to Get Started With Vinyls

Posted by on January 5, 2021


Vinyl is a modern name for the phonograph records, which refers to the type of material most recently used for its production. These records for short have a long history of analog storage of music, originating in the late 19th century. However, modern vinyl records and systems to play them are nothing like the ones that were originally used. Here are some of the most important aspects to help you get started with vinyl, and the needed equipment.

Cleaning kit

One of the things most people who have never owned a setup necessary for experiencing vinyl don’t realize is that, if you want your records and the rest of the equipment to last a long time – you need to maintain it! Records shouldn’t be cleaned often, but if you play them frequently, a good wet clean will ensure they serve their best purpose for as long as possible. The same goes if you’re playing really old records on a brand new turntable. As far as everyday maintenance goes, the experts recommend buying a specialized cleaning kit. These kits have a special solution whose formula was specially designed for records so that it’s safe for cleaning without inflicting any damage. For more information on how to clean the records, consult your local record store, as they will probably have a lot of experience in this field.


Invest in a turntable

The first thing you should consider buying before you delve into the world of vinyl is of course a great turntable. If you’re just starting, you should consider buying a turntable that’s not high end. However, if you’re set on getting the full vinyl experience, purchasing a quality turntable is never a bad idea. As the experts from toprecordplayers.com/ suggest, a less quality turntable can be problematic due to skipping, and it can also wear out your records faster, not to mention the disappointing sound you might get. Finding a good quality turntable doesn’t have cost a fortune. Make sure you read the reviews before deciding on a purchase because the reviews from reputable experts will better help you get the best turntable for your money, and not get discouraged on your first vinyl experience.


Turntable preamp

In addition to a quality turntable, you should also consider investing in a good turntable preamp. The main reason why a turntable preamp should be purchased alongside a turntable is that the signal that gets produced by the phono cartridge must be processed before it can be plugged into the AUX input on the Hi-Fi that you own. This processing consists of amplifying end equalizing, and it’s done by no one other than the preamp. Without it, the signal coming from the phono cartridge will be impossible to hear. Be sure to have in mind that cheaper turntables come with the built-in preamp. While this may be a favorable investment, built-in preamps are of the lowest quality, therefore it’s suggested to buy them separately.



Buy records

Now that you have bought the much-needed turntable, the phono preamp, and speakers, it’s time to get down to business. You will probably be eager to play the records as soon as you’ve gathered all the necessary equipment (which can be quite lengthy), so go hit the record stores for your favorite albums. If you’re unsure which records to buy first, there are essential records that are highly recommended by music critics. The whole process of looking for that special record is unlike anything modern media for streaming music can offer. Vinyl gives an experience like no other because of the warm crackling sound, unique by a measure.



Speakers may be just an optional asset when you are first starting with all the equipment necessary for the proper vinyl indulgence. Whether or not you will need it depends on your current stereo setup and the budget you were planning to set aside for this purpose. If you own a solid Hi-Fi system, speakers are not a necessity, since most of these systems have a separate AUX input that can accept the output from the preamp. However, if you’re at ground zero, speakers should be considered as part of the purchase, but only after you’ve invested in the turntable, and the phono preamp first. The reason why is that speakers are not as expensive, and if you go for the self-powered speakers, which already have an amplifier, you will get the best bang for your buck.

Listening to vinyl records can’t be compared to any other music source because of the unique sound it offers. Moreover, listening to these records will show you just how much soul vinyl has, that no other media can offer.




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