Lately, the word CBD has been on everyone’s lips. Whenever you mention a problem — be it anxiety, insomnia, or pain — someone will tell you to give this substance a try. And it’s not even just your friends who say it; celebrities do too. Even heavy metal artists swear by it, and they are typically not interested in following trends. 

So, what exactly is it about CBD oil that makes it appealing even to some of your favorite metal legends? Well, as it happens, it comes with many benefits that even they can’t ignore. And here are the six most important ones!

1. Stress Relief

When you watch heavy metal artists perform on stage, they may seem invincible to you. They probably don’t even know what stress is! But despite their often tough on-stage persona, these musicians are people just like you. They get stressed for various reasons too — for instance, frequent touring away from home and the pressures of the heavy metal world.

Sadly, when they don’t know how to deal with stress, some turn to harmful substances and alcohol to cope.  That’s a common problem in the heavy metal world, but it can be resolved quite simply — by using CBD.

It’s no secret that CBD is one of the best stress relievers. This substance increases the production of dopamine and serotonin and reduces the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. On top of that, it has no addictive properties of any kind, so it’s perfectly safe to use!

2. Helps With Depression

Unfortunately, many heavy metal artists suffer from depression — that’s where the “tortured artist” image comes from. And if you’ve ever had to deal with it, you know that depression makes it difficult to stay motivated and focused. Even if a heavy metal artist is passionate about their music, they might not be able to enjoy it fully due to this mental condition.

Now, CBD may not be able to cure depression entirely, but it can help in its management and treatment. As already mentioned, CBD increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine, two chemicals that people with depression lack. Thanks to it, your favorite heavy metal artists manage to keep their heads above water.

3. Sleep Improvement

The everyday pressures of a musician’s life, depression, and anxiety can all lead to difficulty sleeping at night. Even heavy metal artists who don’t deal with mental health issues may struggle. After all, imagine being away from home most of the year, performing almost every day, and sleeping on tour buses.

And if you’ve ever experienced insomnia, you know how much it can affect your daily life. You lose focus and interest in your everyday activities, and you can’t perform as well as usual. Similarly, heavy metal artists can’t give their all on stage if they are too tired and lack sleep.

Luckily, CBD comes to the rescue here as well — it reduces stress and anxiety and relaxes the body. Soon enough, even those with the worst sleep struggles will find themselves drifting away.

4. Pain Relief

Just think of all the things your favorite musicians do on stage — they jump, run around, play drums or guitars, and scream their lungs out. All that activity is bound to result in some pain! When they’re young, they might not notice it as much, but veteran artists like Ozzy Osbourne are definitely familiar with it. 

Once again, CBD can help after a tough night of performing. Just a few drops relax the muscles and reduce any inflammation. So no matter how physically taxing a performance was, the musician will be ready to go back on stage in no time!

5. Recovery from Substance Abuse

When they hear heavy metal, many people first think of drugs and alcohol abuse. That’s not entirely unwarranted either — it’s no secret that many heavy metal artists abuse substances regularly. Most of them do so to cope with the pressures and demands of a performer’s life or to deal with mental health issues.

Unfortunately, that’s undoubtedly the worst way to deal with anything. Substance abuse quickly leads to addiction, which has claimed so many lives already and is incredibly hard to recover from. 

But hard doesn’t mean impossible — and many heavy metal artists do manage to overcome their addiction. One thing that can make recovery just a little more pleasant is CBD. In fact, recovery programs often use it to reduce cravings and substitute other substances. Since CBD isn’t addictive at all, this method is perfectly safe.

6. Helps With Skin Problems

Long days on the road and nights on stage aren’t particularly gentle on the skin. On the contrary, the heavy metal lifestyle is quite damaging to it, and it’s not unusual for musicians to suffer from skin problems. Yet, since they are in the spotlight and their image is important, many try to take good care of it.

And do you know what a performer’s secret to healthy skin is? Of course, it’s CBD. Cleansers, ointments, and creams with CBD can do wonders for the skin, removing excess sebum and free radicals. Also, taking CBD orally brings balance to hormone levels in the body, thus reducing the chances of an acne breakout.

In Conclusion

CBD’s medicinal and soothing properties have been recognized even by some of the heavy metal industry’s biggest names. A legend of the genre, Ozzy Osbourne, is one of its staunchest advocates — but he’s not the only one. And if all your favorites are using it, why wouldn’t you give it a try? After all, it might just change your life for the better!




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