3 Anniversary Celebration Ideas for a Metal Fan in 2021

Posted by on April 1, 2021


It’s 2021 and time to look forward to some great anniversary celebrations. For metal fans, ideas centre around music, as well as gifts that will act as a reminder of the great times you have had as a couple in all the years you have known each other or all the years you have been married.  

Official Metallica 2021 event

In 2021, Metallica is celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Get tickets to the Monster Energy Aftershock 2021 event in October where Metallica will be headlining and joined by The Offspring, Rise Against, Limp Bizkit, Machine Gun Kelly, Seether, My Chemical Romance, Asking Alexandria, Skillet, Killswitch Engage, and others. This is the only concert date for Metallica for 2021 published so far, so if you can get to Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA, USA, you are sure to have a day to remember, with music from arguably the most influential heavy metal band of all time.

Whilst a concert creates great memories, do not forget an anniversary gift that you can keep at home as a memory of the trip. You can find anniversary gift ideas (HERE) that would symbolize your anniversary and last a lifetime. If travel is not possible, consider a vinyl copy of Metallica’s best metal album ‘Master of Puppets’ or another that you don’t have in your collection. 

Have a metal party at home

Every metalhead knows that metal music can be cathartic, even empowering and able to raise spirits.  Dig out some of the most uplifting metal tracks and have a party at home. Consider the following tracks: 

Machine Head – Be Still and Know

Both militant and zen, this thrash song has Robb Flynn screaming about how to stop screaming and flailing, bellowing ​‘We are all in this together / Weather the storm.’

Mutoid Man – Melt Your Mind

Positive and introspective music that still sounds like being strapped to the front of a truck. 

Mercyful Fate – Evil

The ridiculous lyrics are pure metal and with an upbeat vibe, it’s a great song for a metal fan’s celebration.  

Slipknot – Pulse of The Maggots

This song celebrates those who live their lives by going against the grain but still helping those in need feel less alone, the core of most metalheads’ final principle: ​‘And if I lose, at least I tried!’

Strapping Young Lad – Force Fed

This song is crazily beautiful and full of hope, reacting angrily to the state of the world only because of how much it breaks your heart. 

Volbeat – We

A mix of thrash metal, country music, and ska-punk, We is like a speed-metal Valentine, complete with all the hand-to-heart earnestness that metal romantics secretly adore. 

Hammerfall – Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire is the ultimate German metal festival anthem, and the perfect way to feel positive and have fun.

GWAR – Jack the World

This upbeat track about riding a giant maggot around the planet is a funk-thrash tune is a great one to get up and dance to. 

Music throughout the year

Magazine subscription

A music magazine subscription will give you a year of music delivered to your door.  Find out more about your favourite bands in interviews, read about the songs you love, and get the news on tours and festivals so your anniversary celebrations can continue through to next year. Suggestions include Powerplay, Revolver Worldwide, Zero Tolerance and Fistful of Metal.

Motorhead whisky and rum

Relax in the evening with a glass of Motorhead’s own branded whisky and rum created by celebrated Swedish distillery Mackmyra. The whisky has been aged in oak casks for five years. The Premium Dark Rum has been aged in ex-bourbon casks and blended with Caribbean reserve rums aged up to eight years. Both the whisky and rum are big, bold and pack a punch. 

Vinyl turntable and headphones

If you are looking to enjoy metal after the kids have gone to bed or in the early hours when you don’t want to upset the neighbours, invest in a vinyl turntable and excellent headphones that offer noise cancellation and are comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Invest in robust headphones to get the best value for money. 




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