It’s a widely-held belief that Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction is one of the best debut albums ever, regardless of genre. But what were GN’R like before there was a GN’R? While  many know of Axl Rose and Slash’s band immediately before Guns N’ Roses called Hollywood Rose, a preview of Axl’s pre-Hollywood Rose band has made its way online. Rapidfire, which featured Rose along with guitarist Kevin Lawrence, bassist Mike Hamernik and drummer Chuck Gordon, played long-defunct Sunset Strip club Gazzarri’s 30 years ago yesterday (28). In the audience was Izzy Stradlin, who eventually poached Rose for his band, and the rest is history.

Lawrence has made a snippet of a song called “Ready To Rumble” available, a song that was recorded on May 25, 1983. The recording hadn’t been made public until now. Rose’s vocals sound throatier, and he’s able to hit notes that he probably couldn’t hit now without help. In a lengthy post written by Lawrence’s attorney,  he explains that the band recorded a five song demo with Rose, but he left the band just after the show at Gazzaris to join Hollywood Rose. Check out the snippet of “Ready To Rumble” after the jump.

[via Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles]