Anthrax Record A Bunch Of Covers

Posted by on June 6, 2012

Anthrax are no stranger to cover songs. In fact, their cover of Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” is probably their lasting contribution to pop culture outside of metal fans. And even though last year’s Worship Music included it’s own cover (Refused’s “New Noise”), the band have recorded a handful more. The band posted a picture on their Facebook of a drum head signed by Charlie Benante that says:

I killed this head recording:

Rush – “Anthem”
Sabbath – “Neon Knights”
Boston -“Smokin'”
Journey – “Keep On Runnin”

While we already know that the Black Sabbath cover will end up on the Ronnie James Dio tribute album, it’s not immediately known where the other four covers will wind up. Regardless, the other songs are, with the possible exception of “TNT,” a bit more obscure, and it’s cool to see that they’re digging in a little bit more instead of going with obvious choices. In fact, if they covered “Don’t Stop Believin’,” it’ would pretty much be an instant cred-killer. So get ready for the above songs to come to a soundtrack, compilation, or EP near you.

[via theprp.com]

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