sixxamMotley Crue is done forever. Or at least until they say they were kidding a few years from now. Until then, we have Mick Mars working on a solo album, Tommy Lee probably having a lot of sex and saying “rad” a lot, and a film version of the holy grail of rock biographies, The Dirt, coming eventually. And then there’s Sixx A.M., Nikki Sixx’s former side project which seems a lot more like his main project now. The band’s double-album, Prayers For the Damned, will be released on April 29th on Eleven Seven.

The band’s kind of underrated, but that’s because active rock music tends to be pretty generic these days. DJ Ashba is a pretty solid guitarist, which was probably overshadowed when he was in Guns N’ Roses. This song isn’t bad, and it’s certainly more memorable than anything the Crue did in their later years. If you’re a fan of catchy, commercial hard rock like Shinedown, you’ll want to hear this song.

Prayers For the Damned will be out on April 29th, and can be pre-ordered here.