Within the Ruins Think Rockstars are Dead

Posted by on November 21, 2016

Deathcore veterans Within the Ruins are kinda pissed, and they want you to know about it. The group just released a track so lovingly called “Death of a Rockstar.” According to the band, it’s just a little insight into their view of the music industry. The title speaks for himself- they’re none too happy with the current state of things. Guitarist Joe Cocchi explained some of the motivation behind the song:

“The song is straight forward and speaks for itself. We live in an era where mindlessness and fads now trump true art and creativity. The music industry is polluted. Please enjoy.”

Cocchi, who took charge of production, also said that this track is just the beginning. The band’s fifth album, Halfway Human is due in March 2017. The guitarist promised this release is unlike their others.

“The writing process was a bit different for this album… Now because of a combination of maturity and honestly just feeling sick of the same old formula, we really focused on creating something different sounding.”

Within the Ruins is also heading overseas with Phineas, The Last Ten Seconds of Life and Fit For An Autopsy on a tour starting Nov. 26 .

Nov 26    Crash    Freiburg, Germany
Nov 27    Dynamo    Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov 28    The Hub    Plymouth, United Kingdom
Nov 29    Boston Music Room    London, United Kingdom
Nov 30    Mama Roux    Birmingham, United Kingdom
Dec 01    G2    Glasgow, United Kingdom
Dec 02    Corporation    Sheffield, United Kingdom
Dec 04    Patronaat    Haarlem, Netherlands
Dec 05    Hafenklang    Hamburg, Germany
Dec 06    Cafe Central    Weinheim, Germany
Dec 07    Reflektor    Liège, Belgium
Dec 08    Beat Club    Dessau, Germany
Dec 09    Konk Club    Dresden, Germany
Dec 10    Nova Chmelnice    Prague, Czech Republic
Dec 11    Explosiv    Graz, Austria
Dec 12    Backstage    Munchen, Germany
Dec 13    Kiff    Aarau, Switzerland
Dec 14    Viper Room    Wien, Austria
Dec 15    TBA    Gorizia, Italy
Dec 16    Circolo Svolta    Rozzano, Italy
Dec 17    Alter Stattbahnhof    Schweinfurt, Germany
Dec 18    Kulttempel    Oberhausen, Germany

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