Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime has released “Wake Me Up” as the latest single from the forthcoming new album, A New Reality. This is the third and final installment in the concept album trilogy exploring international politics, the world economy and social ethos.

The former Queensrÿche front man shed some insight into the process of the album,

“The whole Operation: Mindcrime project was really a group effort,” Tate told the Chicago Tribune.

“I wanted to have an open-door policy where really great players could come in, contribute and also do other projects. I just called all the people I really respect that I’ve met over the years, asked them to be part of it and gave them all the material I’ve written. We did one really massive session and recorded everything. I’ve just been finishing it over the years.”

A New Reality will be released December 1st through Frontiers Music Srl.

Check out “Wake Me Up” below: