Vision of Disorder have spent many hours in chaos

Posted by on October 7, 2015

Vision of Disorder announced Razed To The Ground back in September, their follow up to 2012’s The Cursed Remain Cursed. Due out in November, the band is streaming “Hours In Chaos,” one of the tracks from the 10 song album due out November 13th on Candlelight Records (pre-order here).

Said vocalist Tim Williams in an interview with Revolver while still in the studio with renowned producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris:

“There’s a little apprehension when you first enter the studio. That’s normal. But we’re a rehearsal band, and we write in the old-fashioned traditional way of four or five smelly guys in a shitty studio jamming out the songs. We’re not, ‘E-mail this riff to this guy’ or ‘Send this to that guy.’ That’s the key to the turnaround.”

Those rehearsals paid off, as “Hours In Chaos” holds true to the classic V.O.D. sound, with plenty of wound-up energy and the classic half-time breakdown parts.

This is the band’s second on Candlelight Records, and sixth studio album since their self-titled debut on Roadrunner Records back in 1996.

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