German symphonic black metal outfit Totengeflüster are gearing up for their overall third record The Faceless Divine, which is scheduled to arrive next Friday (11th) via Black Lion Records. As the group combines elements of black metal and bold cinematic sounds from classical music, their latest effort is promised to be their most intensified record. Today (4th) the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the second single taken from their upcoming album with “On Carrion Wings.”

Vocalist Narbengrund Nihilis comments:

 “’On carrion wings’ is the opener of our third album ‘The Faceless Divine’ (apart from the intro obviously) and starts right away with a blast in your face! The song is subdivided into three thirds: a blasting start (the rise and fall of the protagonist), an epic and symphonic middle and a… Let’s call it ‘modern’ and rhythmic finale (the awakening or the revelation).”


Guitarist Totleben adds:

“When I composed ‘On Carrion Wings’ I wanted to reach new ground with the Song, something different to what Totengeflüster did before. Sure, we still use our iconic Sound but it still feels like a new territory which feels fresh and sophisticated. Producing the Video to it was a great step forward and an opportunity for us to show how we have grown in the last time. One step follows another and I think we did a big step in the right direction. Supported by a great crew and especially Karoline Hanna from Rock in Raw Photography and her Camera Assistant Tobias Marr we got the Quality we were aiming for. The location also represents the feeling and atmosphere of the written and performed music in the best way I think. Editing the Video and making sure this Clip delivers the message and feeling was let me say … ‘a joyful challenge’. I’ve learned a lot and I’m very proud of the result.”

Check out the video below and pre-order the album here: