Van Halen Beta Testing New Album With Active Rock Bands

Posted by on July 14, 2011

So apparently, Van Halen have finished recording their first full album with David Lee Roth on vocals since 1984 (the year and the album!). And you can hear it – but only if you’re in a late ’90s/early 2000s active rock band! According to someone on a Van Halen message board, drummer Morgan Rose of Sevendust has heard the album. “Just got done talking to Morgan, of Sevendust, for about 15 minutes,” a post says. “Said he’s heard the new album. Said it’s ‘fucking killer. Eddie hasn’t sounded this good since Balance. Dave’s voice sounds great. Alex is absolutely, bombastic.'” Wait a minute, nothing about the majestic four string work of Wolfgang Van Halen? Oh no!

This follows reports from Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, who said in an interview that he heard the Van Halen album as well.

What makes it so great is that they took what they could from all their old demos back in the ’80′s and pretty much did what they could to create songs out of old ideas, so it sounds like vintage Van Halen. Musically it sounds in the [early ’80’s] era. I didn’t hear any vocals – David was not there. It was just the three of them and the music sounded like very authentic, old school Van Halen. It was a just a crazy experience to sit there and watch. Eddie was four feet from me, and Wolfie was on the other side. The guys were very excited to be doing what they’re doing.

He even goes so far as to give compliments to Wolfie’s bass slinging, although it should be noted that the reason he got to hear the album in the first place is because he’s friends with the portly heir to the Van Halen dynasty. Meanwhile there’s no real update on when new music will come out. The “get ready” teaser that was on David Lee Roth’s website has now been updated with the five Australian dates the band’s playing in September and October. That’s great if you live in Australia, but it’s only use in America is as a barometer to assume that the album will be out around then.

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