Tom Morello starts his own label

Posted by on June 5, 2015

tom-morello-300x300Everyone’s favorite political activist and guitar hero, Tom Morello, is known for his multiple endeavors aside from his social justice movement, like having his own comic book series or undressing for the ladies to earn money back in the days. His latest venture is launching his own label, as he discussed with EW in this interview:

“Every movement for social change needs a great soundtrack, Firebrand Records provides a global megaphone for uncompromising artists fighting for a more just world. Firebrand artists walk the walk, and we are proud to amplify their music and their message.”

One of the first artists signed is Ramy Essam, a popular Egyptian musician with a strong political view as Morello and was actually tortured and exiled from the country during Egypt’s revolution and appeared on the Documentary The Square. Another artist taking part of the new roster of bands signed are New York rockers The Last Internationale, which released a new track that can be listened below.




You can find more information about Firebrand Records right here


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