The Red Chord Post 49 Seconds Of Rough Demos Online

Posted by on December 5, 2011

It’s been about two years now since The Red Chord released Fed Through the Teeth Machine. And now it looks like the  Massachusetts group is finally working on a follow up. While audio quality is admittedly poor, The Red Chord posted a 49 second clip of guitar riffs that they’ve demoed recently on YouTube.

While we now have another album to look forward to next year, a few questions still remain. Namely, it’s still unclear as to who will be playing drums on the album. Though the band have been playing a few shows this past year, including the Metal Suckfest, they have yet to officially announce a new drummer following the departure of Mike Justian. Plus, we’re still not sure which label will actually release The Red Chord’s new album. Last we heard, The Red Chord were free agents, though didn’t rule out resigning with Metal Blade again.

All will probably be revealed soon, though. In the meantime, give The Red Chord’s rough demos a listen in the video above.


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