The New Mastodon Album Could Be Out By Spring 2014

Posted by on July 8, 2013

There isn’t any new Mastodon music in Monsters University, but don’t worry: all is not lost. According to an interview with guitarist Bill Kelliher, they not only have 25-30 songs written for their upcoming sixth album, but they should be releasing it sometime around spring 2014. Says Kelliher:

“Before we left for the European tour, which was prior to this, we got into a studio with a producer. We started just putting ideas down on tape, so to speak. We have about 25 to 30 songs that are ready for the new record.

We’re obviously not gonna use all 30 of them, but we’re in a much better place than we’ve ever been as far as being prepared during pre-production for an album.

We’d like to get the record finished by the end of the year and have it out as soon as Christmas and all the holidays are over with—maybe, like, March or April, it would be great to have the new record out and then do a brand new tour on some new music.”

With that amount of material, they could release three albums…or one awesome album with only the best of the new material on it. Their first four albums were each themed around the four elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, and 2011’s The Hunter was loosely based on the Chinese element of wood. This leaves the Chinese element of metal for the next theme. Seems fitting, doesn’t it?

Check out the full interview with Bill Kelliher, taken during the Rockstar Mayhem Fest:




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