The new Job For a Cowboy album is streaming now

Posted by on November 5, 2014

It used to be back in the olden days when a) people bought music and  b) there were places to buy said music, that every Tuesday, you would make your pilgrimage to the record store to buy whatever that week’s new releases were. There’s no real version of that right now, but you could pretty easily draw a parallel between hitting the Sam Goody at lunch on a Tuesday to hanging out around the internet in the week before an album is released, because more often than not, the album is streaming in advance of its release somewhere. That happened today with Machine Head earlier today, and now the same thing is happening with another anticipated metal release, Job For a Cowboy’s fourth album Sun Eater. We’ve gotten to hear a few songs from the album, and we’re taken with how much more progressive tones have made their way into the band’s form of death metal. It’s been pretty rewarding watching the band evolve, yet still remain extremely heavy, with vocalist Jonny Davy the only constant in the band.

Sun Eater will be released on November 11th on Metal Blade. You can preorder it here.



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