The Black Dahlia Murder is preparing to release a 3-song 7-inch EP on A389 Recordings, but you don’t have to wait to hear it. The EP is titled ‘Grind ‘Em All’ and features 3 covers from grindcore bands Left for Dead, Sedition, and Gyga. The Black Dahlia Murder doesn’t just lay down melodic death metal riffs. These grindcore covers shred.

Former Left for Dead vocalist Chris Colohan even commented on BDM’s cover of ‘Ripped Up’. “Not that it takes much to top a $10/hr one-take 1996 basement recording, but the ‘Ripped Up’ cover sounds great. I love the blast beat, and they nailed Curtis’ weird double kick part. It’s a trip to hear such a pro recording of an LFD song,” he told Exclaim!

The EP comes out on 7-inch in three days. If you don’t want to wait until November 28th to hear it, check out the stream:


[Via Exclaim!]