Texas Hippie Coalition share new video, favorite weed varieties

Posted by on April 20, 2016

texashippiedarksidecdWhat better day for a new video from southern stoners Texas Hippie Coalition than 4/20? Even their name is stonery (get it, Texas Hippie Coalition = THC?). Earlier today, Billboard premiered a video for “Angel Fall,” which will be out on their forthcoming album, Dark Side of Black, out on Friday (22). The band’s sound hasn’t changed much – it’s still a hybrid (no pun intended) of fellow Texans Pantera and the radio-rock of Black Label Society.  And because today is 4/20, and the band enjoy a toke or two, in addition to their video, we’ve also had them name their five favorite varieties of marijuana:

Texas Hippie Coalition – Top 5 Favorite Weed Varieties

  1. Johnny Kush (gives you a dark and powerful high)
  2. Dank Williams (causes major munchies. Mmmm what you got cookin?)
  3. Willie Weed (mellow high that hits like the Fourth of July… picnic)
  4. George Jonezin  (dealers often have a problem with this weed being a no show, note it is worth waiting on)
  5. Cross Canadian Rag weed (breaks up easy, sold mostly by a CARNI-val man. Grown in Red Dirt)


Dark Side of Black will be released on April 22nd on Carved Records. It can be pre-ordered here.


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