Team Sleep, set to release Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4 this Friday, has released, “Your Skull Is Red,” which first appeared on the band’s 2005 self-titled debut. The band (Chino Moreno from the Deftones, guitarist Todd Wilkinson, Chuck X from Crosses, CrookOne, Rick Verret, and Gil Sharone of Stolen Babies and Marilyn Manson on drums) is also busy working on a follow-up to their first album.

Said Moreno in an interview with Noisey:

“The reason why we’ve been up there in Woodstock is because the guys had been recording what will be the actual second LP. The second record. But I don’t know yet if we’re gonna release that as an LP or an EP but I think there’s talk of each one, but still we have an albums worth of material that I’m super proud of and I think everyones super proud of. I think it’s worthy of a great second record. In my opinion it’s sort of like a legacy project for me. The first record came out ten years ago but it still holds up. It’s still relevant, I think with this second record it has these timeless sort of songs in it that hopefully after we’re long gone that I think they still have something in them. They’ll have that lasting power to them.”

The release will, “come out sometime probably next year,” according to Moreno, along with some live performances. Another track from Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4, “Blvd. Nights,” can be heard here.

(via LambGoat, photo by Chad Kamenshine)