throwdownIf there’s one thing that’s dependable, it’s that Throwdown will keep cranking out catchy, riffy hardcore. Splitting the difference between groove metal and straight-up hardcore, they’ve never reinvented the wheel, but it’s a damn nice wheel you’re getting. “Avow,” the first single from their forthcoming album Intolerance, has been released, and it’s a rager. Just over two minutes, it’s streamlined, getting in and out before you realize it’s about being straight edge.

“I’ve written a lot of lyrical content coming off as rehashed. I was meticulous if not a little obsessive about making all venture into similar territory,” says frontman Dave Peters. “It’s been two decades since I’ve been straight edge. ‘Avow’ is about how it was important to me.”

The song is available for purchase via iTunes, with Intolerance coming out on January 21st. Here’s the track listing of the new album:
1. Fight Or Die
2. Borrowed Time
3. Avow
4. Hardened By Consequence
5. Defend with Violence
6. Suffer, Conquer.
7. Cut Away
8. Intolerance
9. Without Weakness
10. Born and Buried Alone
11. Condemned to Live