Stop what you’re doing and listen to this United Nations song now

Posted by on June 3, 2014

For the more metal of you, the name “United Nations” might turn you off a bit. The band, which as been around since 2005, consists of members that are in other bands, many of them on the more screamo side. While label contracts have prohibited them from their names or likenesses being used, Thursday’s Geoff Rickley and Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo are rumored to be or have been members, as has Converge drummer Ben Koller. At any rate, the band are back with a new album, The Next Four Years, and the first song on it is streaming on SoundCloud. “Serious Business” is just that. It’s a full on black metal-sounding song, and is more heavy than anything on their debut. When they called themselves a powerviolence band before, it was almost easy to take it with a grain of salt. Not this time. Noisey premiered the song, and it’s left us looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Like now. Geat ready to have your preconceived notions dashed apart.


Photo: Pablo van Winkle

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