Publicity stunts are becoming the norm nowadays to catch the public eye and there are several ways to come up with one that will make people talk about your band. The most recent one was done by Swedish hardcore standard-bearers Refused in the form of a low key surprise rehearsal show.

The recently reactivated band had a secret gig this past Saturday, April 25th, at the Orionteatern in Stockholm, Sweden. You’ve already gotten to see and hear “Elektra,” the album’s first single, from that set. However, the band gave live debuts to two new songs from the forthcoming album, “Françafrique” (9:10) and “Dawkins Christ” (17:35 ). If you pay attention to the whole set, there might be some Slayer snuck in, just to show around that they can pay tribute to their masters.


Freedom is set to be released on June 30th. via Epitaph.



[via theprp]