Randy Blythe talks about his ballet music

Posted by on March 9, 2015

Last year Randy Blythe of Lamb of God spoke a bit about working on music for a ballet, and possibly recruiting Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. A year later we have a trailer for “Inventory,” the ballet that he was working on with his friend and choreographer Matthew Frain, and featuring original music by Randy.

Said Blythe in an interview with Richmond Mag:

“I guess some fans of my band or metal music in general might be surprised, because they only know me as a two-dimensional cartoon-character-like screaming frontman of a metal band.” He continues, “Artistically, I don’t live in some heavy metal cave — most of my favorite frontmen all work in various disciplines — Nick Cave, Henry Rollins, David Yow; these are men whose musical work I admire and respect. These guys have made some of the most original and caustic tunes in the history of music, but they also have produced some really beautiful art and literature. Those are the types of artistic role models I look to for inspiration — they stay busy and work hard.”

“Inventory” will make its debut at the New Works Festival March, which runs from March 17th through the 22nd, in Richmond, VA, and Blythe will be in attendance.

“I’m really glad I’ll be home in time to see it performed. It’s something really special to see a creation you’ve built from the ground up with a close friend executed on stage by skilled dancers. Once the ballet starts, our work is done, and our ‘baby’ is out of our hands into the world to live on its own. As an artist, it’s quite amazing to witness.”


(via Digital Music News)

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