Periphery streaming Juggernaut: Omega now too

Posted by on January 21, 2015


The Juggernaut juggernaut continues. With both of Periphery’s Juggernaut albums coming out this Tuesday (27), you’ve already gotten a chance to hear the first album, Juggernaut: Alpha. Of course, you were only hearing half of the story, and now, thanks to Metal Hammer, you can hear the other half. Juggernaut: Omega is up now, and it’s every bit as solid as the other album. Containing just seven songs to Alpha‘s 10, it’s also a bit proggier. In fact, the title track is over 11 minutes long. Of course, the two albums are best listened to as one uninterrupted movement ,which you can now do.

You can also pre-order the albums before they come out on Tuesday in a variety of formats here.


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