Opeth return with “Will O The Wisp”

Posted by on September 6, 2016

Having abandoned full-on death metal vocals after 2008’s Watershed, Opeth have been letting their ’70s prog flag fly since then, with Heritage and Pale Communion being more acoustic in nature. The title track to their first album for Nuclear Blast, Sorceress, was as close to heavy as the band’s gotten since, and yesterday, the band followed it up with another track from the album, due out on September 30th. “Will O The Wisp” is more in keeping with the vibe of the last two albums, with guitar strums and mellotron accompanying Mikael Akereldt’s mournful vocals. If Led Zeppelin came out with this song in the early ’70s, you might not have noticed the difference between it. A drumbeat doesn’t even enter the song until 2:33 in. And with it’s scenes of nature, the lyric video for the song looks like something you’d see at karaoke. We know it’s the Tuesday after a holiday weekend, but take five minutes and bliss out.

Sorceress will be released on Nuclear Blast on September 30th. It can be preordered here.


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