We knew Black Crown Initiate were on to something when they were chosen to open the Metal Alliance tour despite the fact that they were still an unsigned band. In fact, when we caught up with them in February, they hadn’t even played three shows together yet. Not only did they deliver when we saw them play in April, but they subsequently got signed to eOne, who will be releasing their debut album, The Wreckage of Stars, on November 30th.

“The Great Mistake” is heavy, pretty, deathy, and fully delivers on the promise of last year’s EP Song of the Crippled Bull. It’s a near-seven minute epic that’s anchored by an acoustic guitar opening before turning into an Opeth-ian death metal groove and kind of restarting itself midway through. In short, listen, you’ll love it. If you’re interested in preordering the album, you can do that here.