New Protest the Hero song streaming online

Posted by on September 5, 2013

PTH-Volition-620x550Following their extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, Protest the Hero have signed with a handful of labels worldwide (Razor & Tie in North America). With Volition now scheduled to be released on October 29th, the band are now streaming “Clarity,” the first single from the album, over at Metal Sucks. And it’s a first single for a reason – it actually sounds like a song, instead of a collection of cool parts thrown together, which has been a problem that’s plagued the band in the past. And while Lamb of God Chris Adler might have played drums on the album purely for financial reasons, at least those that donated to the Indiegogo campaign will get to hear their money at work. We agree with Metal Sucks that this is one of the most focused and tight songs the band has written.

Check out the song over at Metal Sucks, and if you want to preorder the album, you can do it in a variety of different pakages on your own volition at Merchnow. Especially if you have money to spare and want to order the $136 “I am a complete nincompoop for spending this much money” package that includes a bathrobe and a flask.


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