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Posted by on September 7, 2010

Last week, I mentioned that Maynard James Keenan had three releases coming out this week. Well now that number has dropped down to two, as the Blood Into Wine documentary has been delayed until an unspecified date. However, Maynard fans are likely more anxious to know when new albums from Tool and A Perfect Circle will be coming out. This also begs the question of how Maynard will manage to keep both projects together along with Puscifer. In the beginning of the decade, his involvement with A Perfect Circle caused a five year wait for the release of Tool’s fourth full-length album. Now, Puscifer has led to a four year wait on a new Tool album, which is likely to become five years unless the band is further in the writing and recording process than they would have fans believe.

Still, though, the release of two prominent items for Maynard this week is good news for fans. However, other big releases take top billing away from the singer in this week’s column, including another side project that is at the top of its game with their third album. Read on to see what else is making waves in the world of rock and metal.

Stone Sour, Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner)

On their third album, Stone Sour has gotten darker and heavier, while still utilizing the full extent of Corey Taylor’s voice to their greatest advantage. Those who have only heard Taylor in Slipknot know that he’s a great vocalist, but Stone Sour is where he proves that he’s one of the most talent and versatile singers in the world. From soulful, heartfelt singing to trachea-destroying screams and everything in between, Taylor leaves everything on the table on Audio Secrecy, making the album better with every new style he incorporates. The bonus edition provides extra tracks, a studio documentary and live performance videos, all of which are worth the higher purchase price.

Helmet, Seeing Eye Dog (Work Song)

Page Hamilton is an institution in rock music. The singer and guitarist has toured with David Bowie; produced albums for Gavin Rossdale and Bullets and Octane; and made guest appearances with Nine Inch Nails, P.O.D., and Norma Jean. All of those things are in addition to creating and fronting one of the most influential hard rock bands of the past twenty years. Helmet may have had their bumps in the road, but the band has been at the top of their game since their reunion in 2004. I particularly like this quote from Hamilton about the album in his March interview with Noisecreep: “We’re not emo…We’re not metal. We’re not hardcore. It’s just Helmet.” And that’s all it needs to be.

Puscifer, “C” Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (Puscifer Entertainment)

This new 12″ release finally allows fans of Maynard James Keenan to have a physical copy of the EP, which was released digitally through Amazon and iTunes last November. The EP contains four previously unreleased songs and live renditions of two tracks from their debut album, “V” is for Vagina. Given the mixed reviews that album received, this EP is likely to be equally varied in fan reception. However, one great reason to buy this vinyl is the hilarious cover art, which should amuse most fans in its irreverence.

Various Artists, Sound Into Blood Into Wine (Puscifer Entertainment)

This digital album is the soundtrack to the Blood Into Wine documentary that Keenan and winemaking mentor Eric Glomski have created. According to the film’s website, the film is about “the long road to bringing credibility and notoriety to the northern Arizona winemaking region.” I didn’t even know that Arizona was capable of supporting vineyards, what with the overwhelming heat that seems to be the state’s defining characteristic. If anyone knows more about the business, feel free to leave your knowledge in the comments. Otherwise, I’ll just check out the documentary whenever it comes out.

Megadeth, Rust in Peace – Live (Shout Factory)

Those who were able to attend Megadeth’s spring tour this year saw the album Rust in Peace performed in its entirety, to commemorate the album’s 20th anniversary. The last night of the tour, which took place at the Hollywood Palladium, was recorded especially for this DVD release. In addition to the ten songs from the album, the band also played a six-song encore of fan favorite tracks. Those without DVD players can get the CD version of this release, while hi-def enthusiasts can also grab the Blu-ray version, which also has behind-the-scenes bonus material. By the way, you can enter to win a copy of the DVD right here at Metal Insider!

Next Week: We return to the new release flood format as 21 new albums hit the streets. Chief interest goes to the most hotly anticipated reissue of the past decade. Come back and see for yourselves what it is!

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