New & Noteworthy, September 4: Pain And Pleasure

Posted by on September 4, 2012

The final tour of Judas Priest that finished earlier this year was bittersweet for metalheads worldwide. On one hand, one of the greatest live bands of our time had finished their touring career, and the likelihood of seeing them perform on stage again is slim. However, the band has stated that they are  planning to continue producing new music, and that a new album should appear in the future. While fans wait with eager anticipation for new Priest material, we’ve received a couple of reissues in the interim. Today is the release of another such reissue, leading a short list of new albums premiering this week. Check it out all below.



Judas Priest, Screaming for Vengeance 30th Anniversary Edition (Legacy)


Although 1980’s British Steel is considered by many to be the best Judas Priest album, and 1990’s Painkiller contributed some of the biggest songs used in the band’s live show, the one thing that Screaming for Vengeance has that no other album can claim is that it was the breakout album in the USA for Priest. It sold better than British Steel in the US initially, and went on to become the band’s first album to go platinum (1983) and double platinum (2001). It’s received honors, awards, and consistent critical praise since its release, and no other Priest album has earned as much recognition through cross-media usage in video games and movies. This reissue includes the two bonus tracks featured on the album’s 2001 reissue, as well as four all-new bonus tracks of never-before-heard live material. On top of that, there is also a DVD performance of the band’s set at the second US Festival from 1983. Such treasures make this a must-buy for collectors of rare Judas Priest material.


Korn, The Path of Totality Tour: Live at the Hollywood Palladium (Shout Factory!)


Say what you will about Korn’s new album from last year (and plenty of people already have), but like it or not, Korn went out of their way to make a completely different album with The Path of Totality, trying their hardest to sound different and current in the changing music word of the past two years. Whether you call it a rock album, a nu metal album, a dubstep album, or something else entirely, the album vaulted Korn back into the public spotlight, meaning that it performed the task for which it was intended. The task of translating the music into live shows was approached with the same goal in mind: do something new and different that would attract attention from skeptics in order to prove them wrong. To that end, Korn had many of the DJ’s that contributed to The Path of Totality appear onstage with them at the concert from which the material for this album is drawn. Including both a CD and a DVD of the performance, this release is hard evidence of whether or not the new material from Korn works in a live setting.



Also being released this week:


Eyehategod, New Orleans is the New Vietnam [Vinyl Single] (A389)


Propagandhi, Failed States (Epitaph)


Birds in Row, You, Me, & the Violence (Deathwish)



Next Week: A large number of second-string bands desperate to break out in North America all have new albums coming out, led by one of the most exciting side projects in recent memory! Get ready for some real fun in just seven days!

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