New & Noteworthy, October 9th – Babylon’s Burning

Posted by on October 9, 2015

This was more what I had in mind two weeks ago when I talked about the slowdown of the new release calendar in October. With only four new albums to check out today, metal fans are feeling the pinch. Please do what you can to support the new releases as much as possible and keep heavy music on the radar for the rest of the year.


W.A.S.P., Golgotha (Napalm)

The six year gap between Golgotha and its predecessor, Babylon, marks the longest time period between releases for Blackie Lawless and Co. However, the output remains the same – good, classic heavy metal from one of the greats. Golgotha continues the lyrical trends started on Babylon, with tales of Biblical woe and horror taking the forefront. This is W.A.S.P.’s last album with drummer Mike Dupke, who left the band in July.


H2O, Use Your Voice (Bridge 9)

This is a strange release for H2O, as it is the first album of the band’s long and storied career without guitarist Todd Morse, who left the band in July. However, the output thankfully remains the same. H2O have never given up on their mantra of loyalty to their scene, and it shows on Use Your Voice, an album that is stuffed to the gills with skate anthems and classic New York hardcore.


October Sky, Rise (Self-released)

October Sky began as just the duo of Karl Raymond and Alex Racine, and that is now what they are back to. However, that hasn’t stopped the progressive rock act from Montreal. The pair wrote and recorded more than fifteen songs for this album, and chose the best seven for this release. You can stream Rise in its entirety at this location.


A Skylit Drive, ASD (Tragic Hero)

For ten years, A Skylit Drive has been a huge part of the US post-hardcore movement, and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. In 2015 alone, the band has participated in Warped Tour and The All-Stars Tour, done a bunch of other smaller tours, and recorded a brand new album. ASD is the sound of a band hitting their stride and sounding better than ever, and A Skylit Drive wants to use that to catapult themselves to even greater heights in years to come.

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