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Posted by on March 4, 2016

The release calendar has begun to show significant life signs as we head into spring. Today features a strong lineup of underground records accompanying a couple of more well-known acts. This is the prelude period before the summer rush, so now is the best time to check out the artists attempting to get their big break. Read up on everything here and enjoy!


Sabaton, Heroes on Tour (Nuclear Blast)

Following the release of Heroes in 2014, Sabaton hit the road for some extensive, high-profile touring all over the world. Highlights of that tour included a performance at Wacken Open Air in Germany, and a hometown festival in their native Falun, Sweden. Those two live performances are now offered in this three-disc release, with both sets included on DVD and the Wacken set also on CD.


Church of Misery, …And Then There Were None (Rise Above)

Tatsu Mikami, the mastermind behind Church of Misery, found himself as the only remaining band member after the summer of 2014. However, that did not stop Mikami. Assembling a new lineup of personnel, Mikami flew to the US in May 2015 to record Church of Misery’s sixth full-length album. This will be the first album for the band recorded in the US, as well as the first with Mikami as the only Japanese member in the lineup.


Hope for the Dying, Legacy (Facedown)

Since their inception in 2006, Hope for the Dying has been a strong contributor in the Christian metal scene for some time now, due to the band getting noticed almost immediately by Facedown Records. Their brand of progressive and melodic death metal has filled the void left by the inactivity or dissolution of bands like Becoming the Archetype and Aletheian. Legacy is the group’s third full-length release.


Dream Death, Dissemination (Rise Above)

Forming in Pittsburgh in 1985, Dream Death plays a hybrid form of doom, death, and thrash metal that was initially well ahead of its time, evidenced by the band breaking up in 1989. Dream Death made a comeback in 2011, though, and their second album Somnium Excessum found its target audience quite naturally. Dissemination picks up with the same style of genre-bending metal that hits all the right sweet spots.


Inverloch, Distance | Collapsed (Relapse)

Disembowelment was one of the innovators of the death-doom style that exists today, but the band did not last long enough to see it, only releasing one album between 1989 and 1993. However, two former members of Disembowelment have continued the band’s legacy with a new project that initially paid homage to their lone release. That project has evolved into Inverloch, with the goal of furthering Disembowelment’s legacy and releasing more music of the same style. This is Inverloch’s full-length debut.


Oceans of Slumber, Winter (Century Media)

Emerging from Houston in 2011, Oceans of Slumber is a six-piece progressive metal group that offers a truly unique experience. The musicianship contained within this band is superb, with an ability to blend genres as diverse as grindcore, jazz, black metal, ambient trance, and country into one musical tapestry. The addition of Cammie Gilbert’s mesmerizing vocals makes Oceans of Slumber a true powerhouse band. Winter is their second full-length album.

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