New & Noteworthy, March 19th – 50,000 Unstoppable Watts

Posted by on March 19, 2013

The title says it all this week – with the quality of new releases that we have coming out today, there is nothing that can stop the heaviness from infiltrating the charts. This is a week to really make a difference for the new albums you care about, so get out there and pick up some of this great new music right now!


Clutch, Earth Rocker (Weathermaker)

In the longest break between albums that they’ve ever taken, Clutch stayed relevant through a number of re-issues of their older albums, mostly on vinyl. Their new material is proving to be well worth the wait, though, even if all you’ve heard so far is teaser bits of songs. The blues focus of Clutch’s last two albums has been replaced by much heavier and faster material, harkening back to their early releases up through Blast Tyrant. Album producer Machine (who also produced Blast Tyrant, ironically enough) does an outstanding job representing Clutch’s blended sound on this album, and overall, it’s one of the most complete-sounding Clutch albums that the group has ever released. What better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of Transnational Speedway League, right? Earth Rocker is a true testament of how great Clutch has been, is, and will always be.


Anthrax, Anthems EP (Megaforce)

If you’ve ever wondered what groups have influenced Anthrax over the decades of their career, look for answers right here, because this is as complete of an answer that you’ll ever find. Anthems features six cover songs from groups that helped to shape the thrash group in their early years. The selection heavily favors the classic rock spectrum, with AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Boston, and Journey all getting cover treatment. But punk rock and progressive music get their nods of appreciation too, in the form of Cheap Trick and Rush covers. The EP also features the song “Crawl” from 2011’s Worship Music and a remix of the same track, dubbed as the “Orc Mix”. I’m not sure if that subtitle means that Anthrax has been watching Lord of the Rings a lot lately (or possibly playing a ton of Warcraft), but either way, I’m excited to hear how that mix turns out. This EP should tide you over nicely for the rest of this year, since Scott Ian has announced that the band intends to start work on their next album at the end of 2013.


Intronaut, Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones) (Century Media)

While I don’t deny that Intronaut has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace recently, and I certainly do hope that they continue on that pace, I have to say that Sacha Dunable filling in for Jens Kidman during Meshuggah’s recent tour (which had Intronaut as an opening band) was the best kind of promotion that the band could have asked for. To have Dunable filling in with one of the most prolific bands in metal worldwide was great in itself, but the caliber of his performance, especially for a replacement coming in on such short notice, draws so much attention to the band and puts their potential exponentially higher than it ever was before. I’ve always known that Intronaut is talented – one listen to Prehistoricisms is all it takes for anyone to know that. But now their reach is so much greater, it’s nearly guaranteed that they will get a huge boost in popularity now. Here’s to hoping that Habitual Levitations makes it high on the charts in its debut week!


Cannibal Corpse, Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Metal Blade)

If you thought that box sets couldn’t get any bigger or better after some of the box set releases we got last year, think again. In honor of their quarter-centennial anniversary, Cannibal Corpse is releasing this absolutely gargantuan box set for fans and collectors to revel in. The primary attraction of the box set is that it features all twelve of the band’s albums, from Eaten Back to Life all the way through Torture, in a 12-CD foldout case with new artwork. But that’s only the beginning. The brand-new Torturing and Eviscerating LIVE release, which features performances from Tampa in 2010 and Milwaukee in 2012, is included in both CD format and LP Picture Disc. On top of that, you also get graphic prints of all thirteen album covers, a 2013 wall calendar, and much more. It’s safe to say that most major retailers likely won’t be carrying this box set, but retail restrictions have never stopped Cannibal Corpse before. You can be sure that they won’t stop the band here either!


Also being released this week:

Lordi, To Beast or Not to Beast (The End)

Six Feet Under, Unborn (Metal Blade)

Jungle Rot, Terror Regime (Victory)

Hundredth, Revolt (Mediaskare)

Rotten Sound, Species at War (Relapse)

Vanna, The Few and the Far Between (Razor & Tie)

Ken Mode, Entrench (Season of Mist)

Lecherous Nocturne, Behold Almighty Doctrine (Unique Leader)

Nails, Abandon All Life (Southern Lord)

Inter Arma, Sky Burial (Relapse)

Reign Supreme, Sky Burial (Mediaskare)

Tear Out the Heart, Violence (Victory)

Imperium Dekadenz, Meadows of Nostalgia (Season of Mist)

Nero Di Marte, Nero Di Marte (Prosthetic)

Hope for the Dying, Aletheia (Facedown)

Iron Reagan, Worse Than Dead (Magic Bullet)

Call of the Void, Dragged Down a Dead End Path (Relapse)

Free Fall, Power & Volume (Nuclear Blast)

Batillus, Concrete Sustain (Seventh Rule)

The Modern Age Slavery, Requiem for Us All (MRI)

Necrocurse, Grip of the Dead (Pulverised)

Death Wolf, Death Wolf II: Black Armoured Death (Century Media)


Next Week: One of the albums I’m most excited for this year makes its debut, and we’ll see how it fares alongside the rest of the list! Come back to see what it is next Tuesday!

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