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Posted by on March 18, 2016

circus maximus havocMarch has yielded several high-profile releases for the metal community, which is only appropriate with the “March is Metal Month” promotion going on at most music retailers. And with April and Record Store Day on the horizon, there is still more to get excited about in the coming weeks. Even on weeks such as this, where the number of new releases is low, the quality of new music is still fantastic. Check out these new albums as a harbinger of more greatness to come!


Circus Maximus, Havoc (Frontiers)

On the Norwegian group’s previous album Nine (which is ironically not their ninth album, but their third), Circus Maximus opted for a sound that was more guitar-driven, resulting in an album that was more melodic and more dynamic than their previous material. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike, and Circus Maximus has continued that style on Havoc.


The Word Alive, Dark Matter (Fearless)

The Word Alive has grown far beyond their origins as a side project of Escape the Fate. The Arizona-based group has evolved into a musical force all their own, releasing four albums in the space of six years while touring nonstop around the world. The band refers to Dark Matter as their darkest and most honest record yet.


Mob Rules, Tales from Beyond (SPV/Steamhammer)

Tales from Beyond is the eighth album of original material from German power metal squad Mob Rules. The band has enjoyed a stable line-up since 2010, showing all the signs of a veteran group settling into their stride for the long haul. 2012’s Cannibal Nation was a strong release for the band, and Tales from Beyond offers more of the blended traditional and power metal style that its predecessor displayed.


Lords of Black, II (Frontiers)

Lords of Black hails from Madrid, Spain, having only come into existence in 2014. However, the group has plenty of experience in the metal realm, with all three members having experience in other bands. Most notably, singer Ronnie Romero recently joined a band that some of you might have heard of, called Rainbow.


North, Light the Way (Prosthetic)

Since Isis split up in 2010, many bands have been clamoring to fill the void they left in the post-metal realm. North is one such band aspiring to that greatness. Forming in 2005 in Arizona, North has previously released three full-length albums of atmospheric, sludgy post-metal. Although that combination sounds contradictory, North still does it, and they are well on their way to being an established success in their scene.

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