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We’ve gotten a lot of surprising news lately about upcoming releases, and the album release calendar looks to be well-stocked until the end of 2016. For today, though, we have one of the most highly-sought after albums of the entire year making its way into our hands. And that’s to say nothing of the rest of the list, which is also well-stocked with excellent quality metal. Take a look, and enjoy!


Gojira, Magma (Roadrunner)

Gojira has reached the point that every album they release is instantly going to be one of the biggest of the year, and that is completely justifiable because they remain one of the best metal bands on the planet. With an unmatched sense of creativity and a unique ability to keep things sounding fresh and interesting every time, Gojira is that rare breed of talent that can practically do no wrong. Magma will likely be on many year-end Best Of lists because of its tasteful experimentation and elegant composition.


Nails-You-Will-Never-Be-One-of-UsNails, You Will Never Be One of Us (Nuclear Blast)

Receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Max Cavalera is no small feat. Nails managed that after just two albums, which should tell you that this band has a lot going for it. Blending grindcore, death metal, and punk is not necessarily new, as the style was made famous by Napalm Death in the ’80s. However, Nails is doing it better than anyone has since Napalm Death, and they’ve reached new levels of viciousness on this, their third album.


IseestarstreehouseI See Stars, Treehouse (Sumerian)

I See Stars has undergone a transformation since the release of 2013’s New Demons. Both rhythm guitarist Jimmy Gregerson and vocalist/keyboardist Zach Johnson were fired from the band last year, although no word about the circumstances behind the firings was ever given. The band utilized session members to fill in for Gregerson and Johnson on live shows, but opted to write and record Treehouse as a four piece instead of bringing in new members.



for_i_am_king_daemonsFor I Am King, Daemons (Redfield)

For I Am King garnered a powerful social media following in the lead-up to their debut EP Revengeance in 2014. The response to Revengeance was overwhelmingly positive, helping to secure the band shows all across Europe and a spot on the 2015 edition of Wacken Open Air in Germany. After such a strong start, the buzz for Daemons is understandably high. This debut will likely catapult For I Am King into the international spotlight.


hammercultHammercult, Legends Never Die EP (SPV/Steamhammer)

Hammercult has been going nonstop since their signing to SPV/Steamhammer. Legends Never Die will be their third release in as many years, and although it is only an EP, it is a good build off the resounding success that was last year’s Built for War. Appropriate to the title, this EP features five covers of anthemic metal classics like “Fast as a Shark” and “Ace of Spades”, as well as re-recorded versions of three songs from Hammercult’s history.


stitchedupheartStitched Up Heart, Never Alone (Another Century)

Los Angeles hard rockers Stitched Up Heart spent six years toiling in the underground to get their name out, recording two EP’s on their own along the way. Another Century took notice of the band’s hard work and impressive live show, and decided to sign the band in 2015. Never Alone is the debut full-length for Stitched Up Heart, and will help to expose Stitched Up Heart to a huge new audience. Stitched Up Heart is currently on tour with Pop Evil, and they have several festival dates already planned for later in the summer.


unlocking_2Unlocking the Truth, Chaos (TuneCore)

The phenomenon that is Unlocking the Truth opened the eyes of many people to the talent that young people are capable of, if given a proper outlet for it. Unlocking the Truth now plans to bring that lesson to an even wider audience, with the release of their debut full-length. Originally, this album would have been released on Sony, but after successfully negotiating their way out of their contract last year, Unlocking the Truth is instead working with independent label TuneCore.


deceptionistDeceptionist, Initializing Irreversible Process (Unique Leader)

Claudio Testini and Antonio Poletti formed Deceptionist in 2013 with the goal of creating technical death metal outside of the djent sphere that has become so popular in recent years. Both veterans of the Italian metal scene, Testini and Poletti successfully put together a band that could deliver the intensity and intricacy that bands like Necrophagist and Obscura popularized. Initializing Irreversible Process is the debut full-length for Deceptionist, and it’s a sign of great things to come from this group.

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