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Posted by on June 10, 2016


Taking a short break from the overwhelming tide of new music that we’ve been experiencing, we get a fairly light list today. With a few hugely anticipated albums just over the horizon, though, expect the wave to pick up again soon. Today’s list has a good mix of established talent and hot new acts looking to make a mark, so check it all out and enjoy!


letlive., If I’m the Devil… (Epitaph)

Slowly working their way to the top of the post-hardcore pile, letlive. saw their progress leap forward when 2013’s The Blackest Beautiful debuted at #74 on the Billboard 200. The band has kept the hype going with constant touring and work on a special project, referred to as “Renditions”, that would see music from The Blackest Beautiful remade with the help of guest artists. However, “Renditions” has been put on hold while the band focuses on If I’m the Devil, their fourth full-length album.


rageRage, The Devil Strikes Again (Nuclear Blast)

There are few constants in the metal world, but one that can always be counted on is Rage coming back with another new album of excellent power metal. Peavy Wagner has been a fountain of musical creativity and excellence for his entire career as a professional musician, and that has not stopped now, 23 albums and 32 years into Rage’s illustrious career. This album marks the beginning of a new lineup for Rage, as Wagner is joined by guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and drummer Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos.


rivalsonshollowbonescdRival Sons, Hollow Bones (Earache)

Rival Sons has caught on in a huge way, earning themselves touring slots with the likes of Kiss, Sammy Hagar, and Aerosmith in recent years. The group’s modern take on the blues rock style that was hugely popular in the ’70s has been an injection of fresh life into the genre, giving many classic rock fans an easy outlet for transitioning into other contemporary groups. Rival Sons will support Hollow Bones by opening for Black Sabbath on the entirety of the elder group’s farewell tour – not a bad way at all to reach an even bigger audience.


scorpionchildacidcdScorpion Child, Acid Roulette (Nuclear Blast)

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Scorpion Child first came together a decade ago, playing a hybrid of NWOBHM-inspired old school metal and psychedelic rock. The group was signed to Nuclear Blast in 2013 for the release of their self-titled debut. After a few lineup changes, Scorpion Child wrote and recorded Acid Roulette, their conceptual sophomore album about a traveler that is wrongly imprisoned for murder.

ghostbathGhost Bath, Moonlover (Nuclear Blast)

Ghost Bath originally gained notoriety for two things – their stylistic similarities to breakout sensation Deafheaven, and for billing themselves as being from Chongqing, China. It was only after music journalists began taking notice of the band that they were revealed to actually be from North Dakota. By that time, it did not matter – fans had already begun flocking to the band in droves, and Nuclear Blast quickly signed them. Today’s new album is actually a re-release of Moonlover, as it was originally put out last year on Northern Silence Productions and limited to 900 copies.


astronoid-640x575Astronoid, Air (Blood Music)

We’ve written about this band before, as recently as yesterday, and pretty much said everything we need to say about it then. Essentially, if you’re a fan of black metal, shoegaze, and whatever Coheed and Cambria calls themselves these days, you owe yourself a listen. It’s like a black metal Torche, or Deafheaven on uppers, and we’re fully on board.

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