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Posted by on July 24, 2015

It’s the week that many metal fans around the world have been waiting for. A new magnum opus from Virginia’s pride and joy is being unleashed, and no one can wait to get their hands on it! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Be sure to read everything for the full picture of what’s coming in!


Lamb of God, VII: Sturm Und Drang (Epic)

If this doesn’t debut in the top five on the Billboard charts, I will be utterly shocked. This is Lamb of God we’re talking about, one of the most well-respected and well-liked metal groups on the planet. They’re coming off one of the most tumultuous times of their career, and a lot of that emotion has undoubtedly gone into this album. If this isn’t one of the greatest albums in the band’s history, I will be absolutely shocked.


Symphony X, Underworld (Nuclear Blast)

Symphony X has made a career of producing grandiose and memorable progressive metal, and Underworld is no different. While not a concept album in the strictest sense, Underworld is said to be inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the theme of going to hell and back for something you care about. Musically, Underworld bears some similarities to albums from the band’s history, while still maintaining its own individuality via new elements. In short, it’s another classic from the veteran band.


We Came as Romans, We Came as Romans (Equal Vision)

The metalcore upstarts from Troy, Michigan are back with album number four, but don’t expect to describe them as such for much longer. We Came as Romans began a style shift on 2013’s Tracing Back Roots, adding more melodic elements and moving towards the hard rock genre. Clearly it worked for them (Tracing Back Roots debuted at #8 on the Billboard charts), so that trend has continued here on their self-titled album.


Death Angel, A Thrashumentary (Nuclear Blast)

Death Angel has a long and storied past, and now fans will have the opportunity to hear all of it from the mouths of the band. A Thrashumentary tells the story of Death Angel from their inception to the current day, as told by the band members and their peers from all over the thrash scene. Also included is a special live album entitled The Bay Calls for Blood, containing the recording of a hometown show in San Francisco.


Locrian, Infinite Dissolution (Relapse)

Locrian is a three-person outfit from Chicago that combines noise rock, drone, and black metal on an experimental testbed. After coming together as a band in 2005, Locrian spent four years churning out endless demos and cassettes before finally releasing their first full-length in 2009, Drenched Lands. They released two more full-lengths before signing with Relapse in 2012, and they haven’t looked back since.

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