Blood Red Throne - Union of Flesh and Machine

The reasoning for this title is twofold. One, I am waiting for the heat wave currently melting the Northeast to break, and it can’t happen soon enough. Two, waiting for some of the big releases that are due to come out later this year is torturous. There is so much quality material just over the horizon, and waiting for it to appear is maddening! For now, let us sate our hunger with today’s new releases. There are not many of them, but they will keep your appetite whetted for another week.


Blood Red Throne, Union of Flesh and Machine (Spinefarm/Candlelight)

Norway may be known for its black metal scene, but that doesn’t mean that good death metal doesn’t come from there, too. Blood Red Throne are approaching twenty years as a band, and during that time, they’ve rightfully earned a reputation for being unforgiving and destructive in their music. Union of Flesh and Machine does nothing to change that status, as the five-piece group brutalizes the eardrums with their classic death metal style.


Scour, Scour (Housecore)

Despite the recent controversies that have surfaced around him, Phil Anselmo has soldiered on with music. Scour is his newest project, and it features an impressive supergroup lineup with credits in Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation, Animosity, and Decrepit Birth. Scour plays aggressive black metal inspired by the Norwegian greats, and their self-titled EP is a hard-hitting affair that starts off intense and is over before you can catch your breath. Stream all 14 minutes of it over at Loudwire.


16, Lifespan of a Moth (Relapse)

16 has been in the sludge scene for years, and they haven’t deviated much from their signature brand of the darkest and filthiest metal they can possibly write. Lifespan of a Moth is a career-defining moment for the group, though. This is the most gripping, visceral, and cerebral music that the veteran group has ever created, so much so that even people that don’t normally like sludge will find it an intriguing listen. Stream it on MetalSucks and find out for yourself.


9electric, The Damaged Ones (Another Century)

9electric seeks to bridge the gap between rock and electronic music, and they’ve taken an ambitious route to doing so. Fusing a core of modern rock style with electronic metal elements, 9electric seeks to create rock music that can be danced to. The band, which features former members of Opiate for the Masses and Dry Kill Logic, clearly seeks to create a unique atmosphere with their upbeat style, and it will surely have crossover appeal with some of the more mainstream styles of today.