New & Noteworthy, January 6th – Glorious Treasures

Posted by on January 6, 2015

We’re back! It’s 2015, and New & Noteworthy returns with the very first metal album to appear in the new year! It’s also the only metal album being released this week, but as we all know, the new year starts slow. Besides, that just means all of your attention will go to this incredible record. Enjoy!


Dethlehem, Destroyers of the Realm (Self-released)

This melodic death metal band from Pittsburgh describes themselves as “RPG Metal”. Descriptions of the band members back up this description pretty well, as they read less like a band bio and more like a series of Dungeons & Dragons character sheets. This group definitely wears their geek side on their sleeve, and they aren’t afraid to get vulgar or engage in parody. But that doesn’t stop their music from being absolutely brutal. Metal Injection recently debuted the video for the track “Oathbound”. I’d recommend watching the video twice – once with your eyes closed so that you experience the music on its own, and once with your eyes open so you can see how silly these guys get with the visuals.


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