The release calendar picked up at a great time, backing up one of the most anticipated releases of the entire year. Almost every metal genre is represented today, and it is all top-notch quality. It’s good to have a stocked release calendar again! Check it all out!


Anthrax, For All Kings (Megaforce)

Anthrax’s triumphant return in 2011 with Worship Music was one of the highlights of thrash in that year, and thankfully, the Big 4 icons didn’t wait eight years to create a new album. For All Kings is the first Anthrax album to feature Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais as a full-time member. Check out “Breathing Lightning” to hear how Anthrax’s latest offering of thrash greatness will rock your speakers.


Adelitas Way, Gateway (Fuel)

The Las Vegas group has created three consecutive albums of intense hard rock, while supporting all the biggest names in the genre on tour. Gateway, the group’s fourth effort, was funded by a PledgeMusic campaign that earned 118% of its goal. Lead single “Bad Reputation” has been impacting the hard rock charts since December, creating a lot of hype for the new record. Check out Loudwire’s exclusive stream of the complete album to hear it for yourself.


Voivod, Post Society (Century Media)

Voivod received positive reactions to 2013’s Target Earth, as critics and listeners alike enjoyed the more progressive direction of the album. The Canadian veterans look to build on that with Post Society, a five-track EP that features more of the band’s new style. This will be the recording debut for new bassist Dominic “Rocky” Laroche, who replaces Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault after his second stint with the band ended in 2014.


Anvil, Anvil is Anvil (SPV/Steamhammer)

Anvil refers to 2013 as a “new start” for the band, coming off the release of Hope in Hell and an extensive run of touring. New bassist Chris Robertson joined the group in 2014, and frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow says that Robertson immediately brought improvements to all areas of the band. Anvil is Anvil draws on the group’s past to deliver a uniquely encompassing record with strong ideological messages.


Omnium Gatherum, Grey Heavens (Century Media)

Since 2008’s The Redshift, Omnium Gatherum has been on a steady climb towards the top of the Finnish scene. 2013’s Beyond was a big step on that path. The six-piece group gained a strong foothold in the North American scene, through multiple tours of the region in support of that album. Grey Heavens will build on that momentum, as the band is now well-known all over the world. It’s Omnium Gatherum’s time to reach the summit.


The Unguided, Lust and Loathing (Napalm)

Lust and Loathing is the completion of an album trilogy for The Unguided, as the Swedish group seeks to finally achieve complete separation from their past and demonstrate control over their destiny. This record will likely be the final time that The Unguided draws any dichotomies with their origins in Sonic Syndicate, while simultaneously displaying the full extent of their unshackled compositional and lyrical excellence. This will be the start of a new age for the members of The Unguided.


Ordinance, The Ides of March (Self-released)

The sophomore album from Ordinance might be one of the most intriguing concept albums released this year. As frontman Mike Semesky explained to us in detail, this album discusses the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar and the eventual action against the Roman dictator. Rooted in history and rich in content, this album weaves a stunning narrative surrounding one of the most violent acts of revolution in world history. Check out “Of the Fatherland” for a taste of what this album has to offer.


From Ashes to New, Day One (Better Noise)

From Ashes to New chose their name well, as the band came together as a union of band members from numerous local groups based in and around Lancaster, PA. The group became social media darlings very early in their career, leading up to the release of their self-titled EP. Last year’s Downfall EP and national touring increased their audience tremendously, and now, From Ashes to New is unleashing their debut full-length on the world.


Entombed A.D., Dead Dawn (Century Media)

2015 was not a great year for Entombed A.D. The band was forced to pull out of the Metal Alliance tour, which was the group’s first chance to make an impression in the North American market. The Swedish group looks to bounce back, though, with strong support for their sophomore album Dead Dawn. The group just wrapped a strong of European dates with Abbath and Behemoth, and they’re booked for a run of spring dates with Amon Amarth in North America.


Redemption, The Art of Loss (Metal Blade)

Dwelling mainly in the underground of the progressive metal scene in America, Redemption has been around for fifteen years, trying to break through to the top. The band might as well be called a supergroup, with current and former members of Fates Warning and Prymary in the active lineup, and members of Symphony X and Steel Prophet also in the band’s history. The Art of Loss is the sixth album from the Los Angeles-based group.


Deströyer 666, Wildfire (Season of Mist)

Deströyer 666 has retained their status as a cult favorite in the metal realm, despite the fact that Wildfire is only the second album the band has approved and released in the past fifteen years. Wildfire is also the beginning of a new era for the band, as K.K. Warslut was forced to assemble an entirely new lineup for the band between 2012 and 2014. The new lineup retains its supergroup feel, with the addition of members of In Aeternum, Cruciamentum, and Nifelheim.


Headspace, All That You Fear is Gone (Inside Out)

Headspace began with the partnership of Ozzy Osbourne keyboardist Adam Wakeman and Threshold singer Damian Wilson. The British band grew quickly and released an EP called I Am in 2007, later expanding on it with their debut full-length I Am Anonymous in 2012. All That You Fear is Gone is the group’s sophomore effort, and fits in perfectly among the British and North American progressive metal scene.


Greenleaf, Rise Above the Meadow (Napalm)

The Swedish stoner rock seems to have a ton of crossover among bands and band members. Greenleaf is a prime example of this – at one time, three of the four members of Greenleaf were also part of Dozer, another Swedish stoner rock group. Greenleaf’s lineup changed drastically between 2012’s Nest of Vipers and 2014’s Trails & Passes, but the latter album earned the band more than enough attention for Napalm Records to give them a deal. Rise Above the Meadow is Greenleaf’s debut with Napalm and their sixth album overall.


Omnihility, Dominion of Misery (Unique Leader)

Omnihility is a technical death metal group from Oregon, forming in 2009. After a rocky beginning that featured many members coming and going, the group stabilized in late 2010 and began recording material. Unique Leader signed the group in 2013 based on the strength of their self-released debut and local presence at shows. Dominion of Misery will be a big hit with fans of Decrepit Birth, Origin, and other brutal death metal.