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Posted by on April 8, 2016

goreteaserWe opened April with an album that appeals to many outside of the typical metal fanbase. Our second week sees an album released that might not appeal to those people as much, but they will certainly be aware of it. It’s also an album that typical metal fans will be very happy to see. Check it out!


Deftones, Gore (Reprise)

The four years since Koi No Yokan have been a tumultuous period for Deftones. The death of Chi Cheng, the success of Chino Moreno’s side project Crosses, the attempt to release music from the lost album Eros – all combined to create a unique atmosphere for the writing and recording of Gore. Moreno and Co. describe it as “a more heady album” than Koi No Yokan, with a wide emotional range. That easily translates into yet another amazing Deftones record.


Zakk Wylde, Book of Shadows II (eOne)

Twenty years ago, Zakk Wylde (who was still a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne at the time) released a solo album called Book of Shadows. The album contained few similarities to his creative output in Black Label Society, instead showing influence from classic Southern rock and folk rock acts. Twenty years later, Wylde gives us the follow-up to that material. By all accounts, Book of Shadows II is reminiscent of its predecessor, while still allowing Wylde to show off his uncanny guitar skills.


Ihsahn, Arktis (Candlelight/Spinefarm)

In an interesting bit of timing, Sunday marks the ten-year anniversary of the release of Ihsahn’s first solo album, The Adversary. What better way to celebrate than the release of brand-new material for the former Emperor frontman? Arktis is Ihsahn’s sixth album, and it follows the style of ambient avant-garde metal that has captivated fans for a decade.


Cult of Luna, Mariner (Indie)

Mariner is a collaborative album by Cult of Luna and avant-garde vocalist Julie Christmas. The last time we heard Christmas appear on a complete album was her 2010 solo debut The Bad Wife, so this is a welcome treat for fans of her unique style. The collaborative process between Cult of Luna and Christmas began in 2014, and due to an abiding mutual appreciation for each other’s work, everyone came together very quickly to create this concept album about space exploration.


Erra, Drift (Sumerian)

Taking their name from a Babylonian god that represents mayhem, Erra is a metalcore band that hails from Birmingham, Alabama. The group hit the ground running when they formed in 2009, touring relentlessly in the Southeast and self-releasing two EP’s. After a stint on Tragic Hero Records that saw the release of two full-lengths, Erra got their break by signing a deal with Sumerian in late 2013. They’ve already released one EP with Sumerian, and Drift marks their full-length debut on their new deal.


Desaster, The Oath of an Iron Ritual (Metal Blade)

Quickly approaching their 30-year anniversary since forming, German veterans Desaster are still going strong after all this time. The Oath of an Iron Ritual is the eighth album from the blackened thrash group, and it has the same ferocious energy as their 1996 debut. If you’re a fan of Skeletonwitch, Deströyer 666, or Absu, then Desaster should definitely be on your radar as required listening.


Sourvein, Aquatic Occult (Metal Blade)

Sourvein has never rushed their material, always taking the time to perfect their songs before releasing them. This is why the sludge group is known for always crafting records of the highest caliber, and why they are highly sought after for collaborations and split albums. In the five years since Black Fangs, Sourvein has released split EP’s with Coffins and Graves at Sea, in addition to consistent touring. Aquatic Occult is the band’s fourth full-length album.


Inherit Disease, Ephemeral (Unique Leader)

Emerging from southern California in 2001, Inherit Disease was part of the early wave of technical brutal death metal to evolve out of the metalcore scene’s early days. Their early material focused on a general apocalyptic theme, but over time, they have concentrated their lyrics into a storyline about artificial intelligence and the man versus machine struggle. Ephemeral is the third album from the group.

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