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Posted by on April 15, 2016

After last week’s stacked release list, things cool down a little bit today. Call it a breather before we get to the end of the month, because we’re going to need it. Check out what’s coming out today, and be ready for the tidal wave that’s in store for us in the coming weeks.


Otep, Generation Doom (Napalm)

At one point, Otep Shamaya stated that 2013’s Hydra would be the band’s final album. However, that appears to no longer be the case, as the band is back with album number seven. Between the releases of Hydra and Generation Doom, Otep left Victory Records and entered a brief partnership with Kam 9.8 Machlation Group, a management firm co-owned by Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson, before ultimately signing a deal with Napalm Records.


Crematory, Monument (SPV/Steamhammer)

The German gothic metal veterans, back with album number thirteen, also opted for a label change since their last release, leaving Massacre Records after their second stint and signing on with SPV/Steamhammer. Monument also marks the recording debut of three new members of the band – rhythm guitarist and clean vocalist Tosse Basler, lead guitarist Rolf Munkes, and bassist Jason Matthias.


Surgical Meth Machine, Surgical Meth Machine (Nuclear Blast)

Al Jourgensen may be done with Ministry, at least for the time being, but that doesn’t mean that he’s done making music. Jourgensen has returned to the metal world with a new group, Surgical Meth Machine, and he’s pulling no punches on the group’s self-titled debut. Attacking the culture of social media and the negative behaviors that it breeds, Surgical Meth Machine is not for the easily offended, or those that have difficulty accepting uncomfortable truths.


Thunderstone, Apocalypse Again (AFM)

As with many other regional metal scenes, the Finnish power metal scene has a few bands that are at the forefront and countless others working to push their way into the spotlight. Thunderstone is one such band struggling to take their place. Formed in 2000, Thunderstone’s lineup contains current and former members of Lordi, Before the Dawn, and Antidote. Apocalypse Again is their sixth full-length album.


The Zenith Passage, Solipsist (Unique Leader)

With the rise of bands like The Faceless and Fallujah, technical death metal has begun a crescendo that does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. The Zenith Passage is part of that, having formed in 2012 and signing on with Unique Leader after just one EP. Solipsist follows the example of benchmark albums in the genre by being highly intellectual in both compositions and lyrics, and it will surely propel The Zenith Passage to prominence.


Artillery, Penalty by Perception (Metal Blade)

Danish thrashers Artillery, like many in the genre worldwide, were at their high point in the ’80s, before grunge killed their momentum and forced them to disband in 1991. The band had a brief reunion from 1998 to 2000, but was otherwise entirely inactive until reuniting a second time 2007. Since then, Artillery has operated like the veterans they are, releasing three straight albums of pure thrashing intensity. Penalty by Perception will be their fourth album since getting back together, and it looks to be the best one so far.

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